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At 9:30pm on March 1, 2021, Eva Libre said…

At 11:32pm on April 19, 2020, Eva Libre said…

Have a nice day!

At 4:00pm on January 17, 2019, Hippy said…

Happy Thursday Hugs ,


At 3:15pm on April 19, 2018, Nada Jung said…

Happy Birthday and many happy Returns!

At 12:57pm on April 19, 2016, Eva Libre said…

Happy Birthday Hippy!

At 8:32am on April 19, 2014, shyam tosawad said…

Dear Friend

May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

At 10:51pm on April 14, 2014, Ned Hamson said…

Happy birthday soon - and a great new year!

At 9:07pm on May 18, 2013, Brooke Lovestone said…

Brightest Blessings, MHA!

At 5:31am on May 1, 2012, Dr. Paresh Ch. Majumder said…

We're for all to assist each other world/universe-wide as a friend by the Grace of Almighty HIM Who is in everywhere to everyone for the greater interest of Humankind +environment ( HIS Creation). So I'm for all to assist all of you as my dignity given by Almighty.... pls share what can we do together to establish PEACE-TRUTH-UNITY-FRIENDSHIP+LOVE to each other. Thanks again everyone.......

At 10:16pm on April 19, 2012, Eva Libre said…



wish you a beautiful and happy day Al !


At 11:08am on April 18, 2012, Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX said…

dear Motocycle Hippy Al!

May this year which begins for you offers you eve more than you hope and imagine.

Love and Peace for you and all Beings.

At 4:03pm on February 21, 2012, Lenny said…

hi al,lot's of love and peace♥♥♥

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At 4:55pm on November 9, 2011, Olga said…

At 3:49pm on May 1, 2011, Amy Dillon said…

Thanks Al, I wanted to share this story with you - it's a blog from a guy who found two heavy stone like seeds:

I picked up one of the sago palm seeds and placed it in front of my friend. He looked at it. I said, “You know, if you place that seed in soil and give it water and give it the nutrients that it needs it will break through its hard exterior, send out a shoot and begin to unfold.”

It seemed like a hopeful comment to me. I was enjoying the thought when he said, “Yes, and it will know which direction to go to find the sun and which direction to send its roots.”

“Wow, youʼre right,” I responded, “and people are the same way. If weʼre given what we need — love, kindness, respect, dignity — we open up and flourish too.”

The ʻstate of thingsʼ in our world — war, divisiveness, environmental degradation and all the rest of it — suddenly appeared differently to me. The possibility that us humans could solve our problems — which, for some reason, never seems to be mentioned on the evening news — became obvious, natural, reasonable and based on the urgent necessity of our times: almost inevitable.

Have a lovely spring x

At 9:25am on April 19, 2011, Eva Libre said…



Hello dear friend,

“Fly free and happy beyond birthdays and across forever,

and we'll meet now and then when we wish,

in the midst of the one celebration that never can end.”

Happy Birthday !



At 7:46am on April 19, 2011, Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX gave Motorcycle Hippy Al a gift
Happy birthday my dear friend ! Love and Peace for you and all Beings.
At 9:15am on April 18, 2011, Amy Dillon said…

Dear Al,

Spring is here in England

The blossom is on the trees

And the fish have woken up

The time for beginnings is here again

May everything you begin this year

Be full of love and happiness

And lead you to love and happiness x

At 3:17pm on April 09, 2011, Lynn H gave Motorcycle Hippy Al a gift
Happy spring wishes
At 11:31pm on December 7, 2010, jecrosby said…
Hi Al, weve met already on ipeace. thanks for letting me know your here too.
At 4:02am on September 2, 2010, healing angel said…
Blesss you for your warm welcome I look forward to sharing with you all.

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