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Directed by Mateo Barrenengoa in collaboration with our foundress Giuliana Furci, the short documentary presents the wonderful fungi queendom through a poetic perspective that reflects on the importance of allowing for natural cycles of degeneration to unfold. A visual journey through images of Chile's southern forests, the short film touches on the beauty and importance of these ecosystems while delving into the significance of decomposition and what it means for the world.

“Through the fungi we can learn the importance of a cycle," explains Furci during one of the film's sequences. "We can learn the importance of seasonality and we can learn the importance of rebirth from death. We can also look at it as death from life but it’s the same concept. There is no rebirth unless there’s death, and there’s no death if there’s no life. Through observing our teachers the fungi we can learn to be better people; to accept cycles, the end of cycles, and the beginning of others.”

Filmed in Chile's striking Araucanía Region landscape, the short film is narrated by Andy Thorstenson and features an original soundtrack composed by Enrique Barrenengoa and Elisabetta Monacelli.

Written by Mateo Barrenengoa //

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Comment by Nada Jung on September 19, 2022 at 5:21pm

“Every leaf falling teaches you that, with the end of one life comes the beginning of another. Have you ever stopped to think the most noble part of a tree’s life is when it hits the ground? The tree, when standing, was habitat to thousands of birds that visited it, ate its seeds, dispersed its seeds too. Thousands of insects that burrowed in its bark or ate from its leaves. But when the tree falls is when the glory begins.

…Through fungi we can learn the importance of a cycle. We can learn the importance of seasonality. We can learn the importance of rebirth from death. We can look at it as death from life, although it’s the same concept. There’s no rebirth without death…”

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