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Amazing stories


Amazing stories

If you have experienced an incredible story or incident connected with our lineage or practice, or Your private life, if you have something incredible to tell which you would like to share with other practitioners, do it here!

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"...many, many years ago, in XXI century(...)"

This place is devoted to it. Perhaps someone will retell it in the future, and say "That's how incredible the Buddhists of the 21st century were!

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A Story.

Started by gypsy genie. Last reply by Eva Mar 31, 2012. 1 Reply

a story forwarded with slight modification. nrparwaniA story is told about a soldier who was finally coming home after having fought in Vietnam. He called his parents from San Francisco. “Mom and…Continue

Isn't this amazing ?

Started by Eva. Last reply by Eva Dec 12, 2011. 9 Replies


Tags: Washington, metro, Bell, Joshua

The Reason for Being

Started by Uriel Dec 14, 2010. 0 Replies

How many of you ever came to a point in your lives where you just had enough? You had enough of this constant struggle of living, this ongoing pain that never leaves you, the fear of not knowing…Continue

Left or Right? Which Direction should I Take?

Started by Uriel. Last reply by Uriel Dec 17, 2010. 9 Replies

How many of you came to a point in your life, where you felt like you stood at a crossroads, a junction, a T-junction, and just didn't know where to go?Did you stand there wondering which direction…Continue

Grandfather, gave me this knowledge, as his gave to him...

Started by Rev. Joseph Verrett/EagleBear Aug 6, 2010. 0 Replies

Grandfather, told me once...always listen close to your spirit, because you will hear a voice saying follow me.I have in later years thought of this, and I have tried most of those years to do what I…Continue

Tags: grandfatherpassingonknowledge

What a wonderful day...

Started by Rev. Joseph Verrett/EagleBear Aug 6, 2010. 0 Replies

What a wonderful day to allow Self to stand aside and allow our love and care to reach out and flow as the waters of the great rivers to Others...You may ask the question Why?...and my question in…Continue

Tags: wonderfulday

Sharing part of my journey and how I have come to understand purpose...

Started by Rev. Joseph Verrett/EagleBear Aug 6, 2010. 0 Replies

As a child growing, I had many questions...As a young man, I had many more questions...As a father of my children, I had to find and answer many questions...As a grandfather of my children's,…Continue

Tags: understandingpurpose

Zen Story: Heaven and Hell

Started by Eva. Last reply by Irit Hakim-Keller Jul 4, 2010. 1 Reply

 (image: Zen painting of Hakuin).  Hakuin, the fiery and intensely dynamic Zen master, was once visited by a samurai warrior. “I want to know about heaven and hell,” said the samurai. “Do they really…Continue

Tags: Zen

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Comment by Eva on April 22, 2014 at 7:02pm

Good evening my friends.
Stairs into the unknown.
We often do not know which paths lead us where.
I wish you a good night. :-)

Comment by Eva on April 22, 2014 at 6:20pm

"If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve."

~ Lao Tzu

Comment by Eva on April 18, 2012 at 5:24pm

beautiful video, thank you Béatrice !

Comment by Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX on April 18, 2012 at 11:03am

Enjoy !

Love and Peace for all Beings, including thses amazing babies lion ...

Comment by WILLA NYOKA on March 26, 2011 at 5:36am
Comment by David Laughing Horse Robinson on March 24, 2011 at 11:16pm
For over 56,700 years my Tribe the People of Mu have been converging with Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon. The practice is simple and direct. It all takes place at all times in all places. This is how it was taught to me. In a place we call the Sweat Lodge or the Round House all things are made clear, since it is very sacred and respected by all. In this place one can visit with the Unborn and the Ancestor at the same time or separately. Because the spirit world is very competitive one is the usual way. The spirit world always makes me feel wanted there. They even compete for my attention because they know I am listening. I am now Building a new Kiva or Round House and it is my first time to do it alone. I live in the desert of California so the ground is hard and full of big rocks some weighing thousands of pounds. The rule is once you start the process of digging in a particular spot you cannot move over to avoid a rock. The diameter of the Kiva is five steps and after three days of digging it is one step down and needs to be five steps down. As all things spiritual people have been showing up out of nowhere to help and I do not know any of them and when they leave I do not notice them leaving. Then yesterday I realized that they were the little people inni-pi. They brought pigi-vi bread and only the little people would know to do this. This was another lesson for me to learn and to know we are never alone someone is always watching or helping. As I am with you my friends.
Comment by Uriel on December 13, 2010 at 10:11pm



Thank you for your inspirational words,

and more than that,

THANK YOU for creating and holding this space for us.




Comment by Eva on December 13, 2010 at 10:05pm

Some inspirational words

From the Spirit within we see the shadows of light and dark that befall the human mind. Let us not let the day end on the final note of uncaring sadness that neglect brings. Today is the day to say goodbye to negativity for good, we are good souls, rejoice in the love inside.
Friday marks the day. Don't let the day pass by without finding something to make you happy. Good news is whatever makes the heart smile for just a little while. The top of the world is where we stand if we let ourselves see good in all.
What became of the little child that was within us all. If only weariness did not set in at such an early age, if only the flesh remained as fresh as the soul. Give us not the time to worry. Give us not the time to weep. See us as we're meant to be - young and harmonious, free the Spirit within - it's who we are.
Not within these walls should the love of our hearts be confined. Not within this moment should humility be denied. Not only are we here in Spirit, we are to do the work of the Spirit and the Spirit is the energy of love. Too many times the heart is ignored, be not vested in materiality it has no value at the end. So says the white feather.

- J.Roots

Comment by Eva on November 18, 2010 at 8:28pm

People come into your life for a reason

Comment by Uriel on September 23, 2010 at 2:35pm
Why should we live in peace?

Many people around the world had seen too many wars and many people die and want to put an end to it. We start to wonder if we need it, and if it is absolutely necessary for our progress and our survival.
It is known now and proven that whatever happens in our head, finds its way to our reality. "What we think about comes about." Let's looks at it from the other way around then, if we have war in our reality, then we must have war in our mind, or maybe even with our mind. If our mind is at war, then he produces war in our reality. So what is our mind in war with? Ourselves!

Most of us are living in constant struggle and inner conflict, always have two voices in our head, telling us where to go and what to do and most of us find it very hard to know which one to listen to in order to make our lives better. That creates a firm constant stress which of course affects our thinking and there for our reality. We create war, in smaller and bigger scale, just so we can find the solution through it, just so we can experience our struggle, and decide if we would like to go on or change our experience and reality of our lives. All this means that if we find a way to live in peace with ourselves, the war in our reality will be gone.

So why do we fight ourselves over and over again? Why do we keep this war within us even though it brings us so much suffering?
If you look at the things most people want the most, you most likely will find that they are not materialize things but inner experiences, beings and state of minds. Things like Happiness, Joy, Peacefulness, Calmness, Love, choose your pick, are usually in our top lists, and we all want to know for certain we will get there, and here is where the conflict begins.
We all have two voices in our head telling us what to do and where to go, let's call them for now our Mind and our Intuition, and both of them had been advocated throughout the years for why we should be listening to them and not the other. That already creates a conflict within, since they are both there and will not be going anywhere anytime soon, if ever. Even if we do choose and know which one to listen to, the other one will make our lives a living hell until we will be listening to him as well. Here's where the other conflict begins, when we do listen to them both, we are getting different and contradicting information about everything! Starting with what do we want to do in our lives and all the way to what to say and when, so how can we live in peace when we have two of the best lawyers ever created within our very selves? How do we make peace among them?

The first thing to realize about peaceful relationship is to know that the other side has the exact same right to be there as the first side. Recognizing this prevents us from accusing the other side for our problems, thinking that if they weren't there, our problem will be gone, we understand that if we have a problem, then we have something to solve. Usually what most of us do is accusing others for their problems, if we have a problem, with anything, then how come we are looking outside of us, if WE HAVE the problem? We have it; if we see it outside of us it is only for us to be conscious of it.

Now that we realized and accepted that we have two amazing voices in ourselves, and that they will be there through our entire lives, what can we do in order to know which one to listen to and when, if at all?
Let's look at them for a minute and see what each one of them is like:
1. Our Mind – Our Mind is and will ever be the best creating tool we will ever own, it sometimes needs its time in order to figure out how to create what we want him to create, but never the less, he will do it as long as we want it to, no matter how big is the order. "Whatever the Mind Can Conceive it Can Achieve." W.Clement Stone ." That is his best and main quality.
2. Our Intuition – Even from the very name of this voice, you can understand its quality. Intuition – In Tuition, Inner Teacher (Tuition – "Tuition is instruction or teaching", Wikipedia).

So now we know each one of our voice's best and main quality, there is a question to be asked: If our mind main reason for being is creating, why does it speak?

First, we have to remember that we had been accustomed to listen to our mind throughout the history. It always been said to think before you say or do something. Actually, it is true, but that thought is created from a different place other the mind, like we said, the guide, the teacher, is our intuition. Throughout the history, people felt unworthy to listen to themselves, to listen to their truth, as if our truth is wrong, and been guided by people of power to listen to them and that they will find happiness with them. It is far much easier to make people do what they are told when they are listening to their minds. Your truth is the only truth ever existed. The thing is to remember that each and every one of us has that same right, to listen and to act on their own truth.

There is another reason for our mind to speak and that is to tell us what it needs. Let's say that we ordered quite a big order and that our mind needs some time in order to create it, it might get better for the next time, but for now it needs some time and patience from us, so it tells us what he thinks about it and how long it thinks it would take to create that order, just to let us know, that's all. There is no need to start arguing with it and pushing it to make it faster, if we do, we stop recognizing its right to be as it is, remember the first thing to realize?

So we know who is our guide, the teacher, and who will create whatever we will need throughout our lives, but how do we recognize between those voices in order to know where to go and what to do in order to achieve those wonderful experiences, beings and state of minds?

It doesn't matter. Do you really think it matter if your intuition told you to leave you job or if that you mind told you that it needs some time in order to create your next experience, or maybe just the source of safety just so you can go on without that job?
It really doesn't matter, but in case you do want to know the difference, just to make you more comfortable, there is a way, a way to think, in order to listen to your intuition.

We have to remember our voice's main qualities, to guide and to create.
When our intuition guides us toward an area we had already been through and know how to create what we need, everything runs smoothly and there is no problem.
The conflict begins when we go through an area which we are unfamiliar with, and unknown area. The biggest fear of all human kind throughout the history is the unknown. If you look closely, it is the source of all our fears. Now that we know that our intuition is our guide and teacher, how do we know that we are listening to it so we can know for certain that we will be just fine, and maybe even better, when we will be after this unknown experience?

Like I said before, our intuition guides us where to go and what to do, the mind is the one, sometimes asking for a pause, or some time, in order to create what we asked for. The truth is that our mind can create, and is creating, what we want immediately, with no pauses or flaws, what takes us time, is our capacity and capability to realize it in our reality.

Here comes the step of belief into the unknown, because it is asking us to go where we had not yet been before, it is asking us to put out step down on what we yet don't know as a solid ground, because when we do, we will realize that what we asked for, what we ordered from our minds, is already there, waiting for us to come and pick it up.
Albert Einstein said: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." If thinking is what makes our reality, then that means that we cannot go on doing what we know and do and expect a different solution, which is Insanity, like our very same friend said.

Now, believing is to go through or against fear, otherwise, why should we gather such inner force in order to do something? And to go through or against something, is actually to put it there to begin with, otherwise we would not be going through it or against it at all. We put it there for a reason. That reason is why we are here, and usually is understood after the experience.
So like I said, believing is gathering an immense inner force which a lot of us do not know how to gather, most of us just forgot how to connect to that endless power which is within us. Why? Because we had been told throughout the history of men and women that we don't know, that we should be listening to what others has to say, especially our people in power. First it's our parents, second, our teachers, and third and on top of them all, our governments. This is not to make you go and rebel, this is to help you realize which way to go, your way, and not anybody else's.

Take an area in your life, something you've touched, observed and acted on. Observe it for a minute and ask yourselves these questions:
Do you or do you not know more today at this area, more than you did 10 years ago?
When you will be going through that area again, would you or would you not know better how to act or react to whatever happens in that specific area?
Do you know, not succeed, more about that area?

You see, most of us think that only when we succeed we prove to ourselves and to the world that we know. Why, aren't you usually getting even better from mistakes? And when you do succeed, do you really go on succeeding from that day forth?

Do you know why? Do you really want to know why we are getting better all the time?
There is only one thing which is constant and is not affected by anything and that thing is Change. You see, change is happening at all times, all the time, your very thought change by themselves, your beliefs change, your actions, your being, you change all the time.
There is nothing that we can do in order to "change" that, and there is nothing we want to do, because if change is happening all the time, and, as we just realized, if we are getting better all the time, that means that the only thing we can know for sure that had been there at all times and had a direct improving affect on us, is change!

So you can go on and be yourself and live your lives in your own terms and pace.

It's ok, You can breathe.
The change happens by itself.
And change is good.

Remind that to yourselves, Re-Mind that, and you will be able to listen to your own intuition, for the simple reason, that you already know in advance, what your mind has to say about that.

So why should we live in peace? Is there any better way?

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