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How many serious practitioners of crafting peace is on this site?

'Just curious how many serious practitioners of the craft is on here...'

After creating confusion, I will correct my question, now :

Just curious how many serious peacemakers are here...?

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craft ?  what craft. Have I missed something? if you mean crafting peace then please count me in.

I'm sorry if my question confused you. I have to agree with you and I will correct myself!

Working for and creating peace is also an art...! so to speak 'crafting peace '.

I will expand my question ... are there also active builders of peace here?

the best answer I can give is in the words of my teacher Prem Rawat.. 7mins entitled 'what is peace'. It is within us and when we are attuned to it we truly become a channel for it. i.e. we make peace.

I do hope that you can view this clip..

 I also want to add here a question. Do you thirst for 'peace'?  Consider thirst;  it makes you want water. In a way it could be said that thirst will bring you to water. So the thirst for peace is the very thing that will bring you true peace.. even more than that I have to add that peace will be discovered within the thirst when you really know the thirst..  so what will make you thirsty?  many things but you could eat some salt and that will make you thirsty.. so we come to this place , in this world to discover and experience complete peace and our nature provides more and more salt so that we become thirsty.. that's sort of how it is and why all the crazy things are happening here.. get it ?


again I have to add, after some thought the fact that we do have a choice.. we can choose to not bother with the task of reaching for; and finding and feeling the peace that is within us.. But there is a price that we will pay as a result of not bothering. Automatically we will become miserable.






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