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 last Sunday in Lucknow India, Prem Rawat launched his best selling book entitled 'Hear Yourself' in the Hindi version. He read an exert for 20 or so minutes before answering some questions. Afterwards a rep. from the Guiness book of records joined Prem on stage to announce  his inclusion in their book.

 It was for the most attendees at a live book launch. The previous record which was set in 2018 numbered 6783 and the number in Lucknow was over 114000. Quite a large difference and a new record which will likely stand for some considerable time. 

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Author Event with Prem Rawat (video)

Livestream Replay | Book Launch and Guinness World Records Holder Ceremony
Date: Apr 02, 2023
“Fulfill your life. Not just from a formula but from your heart.” – Prem Rawat, April 2, 2023, Lucknow

Following a typhoon that hit Lucknow, India only days before Prem Rawat’s Author Event on April 2, 2023, over 114,000 people gathered for the launch of the Hindi version of his book, “Hear Yourself.” An additional virtual audience of 8,923 logged in from 86 countries, and Anjan TV also shared the celebration.

The bestselling author read from his “Hear Yourself” book, Chapter 3: “Ground Yourself in Infinite Peace,” in Hindi, and answered questions from the Indian actress, Bhagayashree, who joined him on stage.

The author’s heartfelt words, based on decades of experience, emphasized the importance of finding one’s own joy and peace within, no matter the situation, and how this is humankind’s greatest possible achievement.

Surprising the audience at the end of the event, an adjudicator from Guinness World Records came on stage and announced that Prem Rawat had smashed the 2018 prior record for the largest audience attending a single author’s reading. Congratulations, Prem Rawat!

Prem Rawats book -- Hear Yourself is available in english and several other languages

you can check it out here -- 

Thanks for the info Janice!

you are welcome

it is a book with a lot of life wisdom

I have read it slowly wanting to absorb the gift it is

a very insightful book , some chapters i find especially helpful to read again , a few times , over time

thanks for the extra information Janice and i hope this finds you well.

thanks desmond

I'm in a recovery mode here

my husband who has alzheimers has gone into a care home

after having a stroke , i could no longer care for him at home

but i feel he is at peace within himself

deeply , all is well ~

it is so important to live our lives in peace

and I am so grateful friend Prem can , will help anyone who wants his help

love and best , janice


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