Peace for the Soul

A common space for harmonic peacemakers

Chapter 8, Verse 4

"About matter, know that it is of
The kingdom of the Earth.
It will pass away.
About Spirit, know that it is of
The kingdom of Light.
About gods, know the Supreme Person,
And know that true worship
Is made to me,
The Lord within you."

Sri Krishna Prem:

The one Self sees itself reflected in the myriad forms of creation, willed by its mystic Yoga to identify itself with them and share their limitations.  Thus were individuals formed, the immortal sparks, the shining threads, dying in myriad forms and yet, unseen, passing from life to life in age-long immortality.

Sri Aurobindo:

Here is presented the Gita's idea of the cosmic process.  All of this bringing out and continual change from state to state is Karma, the action of Nature, the energy of Prakriti, Shakti, Goddess of processes, a constant birth of things in time, of which the creative energy of Karma is the abiding principle.  She creates the vast and varied mutations by which she unrolls all of her changes in name and form, in time and space, and those successions of condition develop one out of the other in time and space, which we call causality.  All of this mutable becoming emerges by a combination of the powers and energies of Nature.

The soul in Nature is the Kshara Purusha, the mutable soul, the eternal activity of God.  The same soul, drawn back from her, is the Akshara Purusha, the immutable Self.  Spirit inhabits the form and body of the mutable being.  Possessing at once the calm of the immutable existence and the enjoyment of the mutable action there dwells in humankind the Purushottam, the Supreme Person.  He is not only remote from us in some supreme status beyond, but he is here, too, in the body of every being, in the heart of humankind and in Nature.  He awaits with infinite patience the conscious self-offering and consecration of the human soul.  From him the soul came forth into the play of Nature's mutations.  To him the soul returns to the highest status of the Divine.

[Who is this Supreme Person for a given individual?  He may be Christ, Krishna, Buddha or some other Ishta Deva (chosen form of God), depending upon the person's predispositions; or she may be one of the so very many forms of the Divine Mother.

What's to argue about?]

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