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Help for children in Ladakh.

Many people help children from developing countries. You can help privately or donate to an organization. But organizations also need money for themselves and so not every donation reaches the needy.

We send packages of winter clothing for children to one person in Leh every year. He bring the clothings in some villages in the Himalaya.
But Postage for packages is very expensive. For 10 kg over 60 euros. This year we sent 6 packages with 10 kg each. The children are very happy because it is very cold in Ladakh. For many months in the winter there is no school because of the extreme cold. Every support is welcome. You can also send parcels yourself, for this I can give you the postal address in India. Or they donate some money for the postage. I am happy, if you can help.


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Thank you, Lothar! Help is always needed.

Thank you Eva for your words.

But unfortunately there have been no parcels for a few months, there are probably no transports to India. I also don't know how I can take care of the children in Nepal for their school. Nothing has been going on in Nepal for a long time.

I hope the children can go back to school soon and I can send the money to the schools.

I will check.
A solidarity initiative. Congratulations!

My dear Margarida, thank you for your interest in helping children.

Best regards from Lothar

When this article was posted I went to the website address.
In the same way I did it again, but I couldn't quite understand it.
Not everything I got a reasonable translation.
The only form of donation that appears is PayPal?

Hello Margarida, please excuse the bad translation in English. I can only do this with the help of a translation program. I am happy to help you if you cannot understand something correctly.
If you want to send children's clothing yourself next winter, I would be happy to send you the address in India. For help with money it is only cheap with PayPal. But I can also send my bank details. But I think there are high fees from other countries if you don't live in the European Union country.
Please ask if you want to know something.
In which country do you live? I live in Germany myself.
Best regards from Lothar

I'm a long way away. I'm Brazilian. I live in the interior of the State of São Paulo - Brazil.
I don't know if you have any sales with any type of clothing.
We have here "Bazar Beneficiente".
With Covid-19 you don't have it at the moment.
I believe that customs fees would also be very expensive.
I don't trust PayPal very much.

I transfer all money for the schools of the sponsored children in Nepal with There is also Western Union for transferring cash.

In all previous years I brought the money to Nepal myself. But this is not possible this year.

Let's do this.
This June I spent a fable with Veterinarians, clinics and medicines for my puppy and the saddest thing, she lost half her weight and is still not well.
I went to a new vet today and will have to pay for everything again.
I'll talk to you about it again.
Forgive me for the moment.

Hello Margarida, everything is good. We can only send pakages to Ladakh again in November and December and we have the school fees for the sponsored children in Nepal in this school year. It has time now to collect for several months.
I wish your puppy the best and that the new veterinarian can help. What breed of dog do you have?
Greetings from Lothar

Pichula has no defined race.
That is why she is bravely resisting the disease.
Tomorrow I'll be back at the new vet to check on new tests and what can be done.

I wish Pichula all the best and health.


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