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Breaking the Silence  

Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories





Breaking the Silence offers guided tours to Hebron and the South Hebron Hills, allowing an unmediated encounter with the reality of military occupation. The tour guides, all former combatants who served in these areas, share from their experiences to help illustrate the Israeli government's policies enacted by the IDF.


Oct 10  2012 stand by


Pick-up location:09.00 Jerusalem

Drop-off location:15.00 Jerusalem



The tour leaves from in front of The International Convention Center (ICC, Binyanei Ha’uma) - located across from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station.


The South Hebron Hills region is one of the most rural areas in the West Bank, and most of its Palestinian residents are poor, living in temporary structures and subsisting on farming and grazing of flocks. The tour highlights the difficult situation in the region and the complex relationship between Palestinians, settlers, and the IDF which results in, among other things, disposession and the annexation of land.

The tour includes:

  • The view from Lucifer Farm eastward to the villages of Jinbah, Griten, and the firing range of the IDF Keriot base, and westward to Jewish and Palestinian Susya
  • The view from the Avigail outpost to the village of A-Twaneh, the Maon Farms outpost, the agricultural lands of the village of Harubeh, and the connecting roads between Hirbet Tubeh and the A-Twaneh school
  • A visit in the Nawajah family home in the village of Susya and a discussion with a member of the family

Please note that our tours cost NIS 70 per person.




 Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories :

Breaking the Silence




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Breaking the Silence: Israeli veteran reflects on everyday abuse of Palestinians

Tomer Rot, a former soldier in the Israeli army's 50th Battalion Nahal Brigade, recounts what happened during a curfew in Hebron. The video is part of the Breaking the Silence project, where veterans who served in the Israeli military have taken it upon themselves to expose the reality of everyday life in the occupied territories


 Blessed the soldiers who understand the evil acts imposed on them by virtue of their role, the injustice done, and came to  recognition that talk and tell about  might  prevent all this in the future,and help to end the occupation. . They symbolize sanity.

I recommend their tours. And I recommend the CFPeace's tours too - both organizations show the face of Occupation in a moderate way, without slogans and unilateral, just show reality of both people.

Prayers for everyone involded in this situation.

Compassion, Love and Peace for all Beings.


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