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Human beings are not made for stress. What causes stress? Confusion. Lack of priority. When we don’t know what is important. All of a sudden, we’re running around all over the place, and the result is stress.

Some people say, “Do this, and it will take away your stress.” I say you shouldn’t be stressed. As a human being, get your life together. Understand what is important to you. You are not made for stress. Mentally and physically, you break down under stress.

That’s why my message is unique. I say, “Go inside and experience that feeling that is within you. Experience that peace, experience that joy. Again and again, hone in to your basics, to your fundamentals.”
Do you realize that you can experience happiness? Think about that. You can experience joy. That’s really, really amazing. People wonder, “Can animals experience it?” You are an animal! You belong to the same group. And you can experience joy. There are all those experiences out there. Yes, you can experience pain, you can experience all those things, but you can experience joy. That should be amazing.

You are an instrument. Any instrument can play off-tune as easily as it can play in tune. It’s easy to be off-tune. You can put the key anywhere, and it will be off-tune. To be in tune is a very narrow band. There’s only one place, one tightness of the string, where it will be in tune. And that’s where you have to be. Nowhere else. Otherwise, anywhere else, off-tune is off-tune, but if you want to play in tune, there’s one place.

It is so important to have someone who can talk about the real peace and real joy, someone who can remind you again and again to be focused, be centered, and evolve. There is so much to learn about you and the value of the breath that comes into you—to fall in love with this existence you’ve been given and have a heart full of gratitude.

I am like the tuner. I’ll make sure the instrument is in tune, but you play. After the instrument is tuned, I give it back to you and say, “Play.” You play. With this instrument create the sweetest music you have ever created. Play like you have never played before. Play with your heart. For whom? Play for yourself. A lot of people don’t understand that. “That’s selfish.” Do you want to know the secret of the best musicians in this world? They play for themselves. When they do, it sounds wonderful to anyone who hears it. But when a musician starts playing for others, the music is over.

A lot of musicians will be playing and then all of a sudden close their eyes. They don’t want to see anyone. They just want to be one with the music because it has to come from the heart. It cannot come from the head.

Sing for yourself. Play for yourself. Play and enjoy. That’s when real music comes out. You are alive. You have that beauty in you. Accept that. How fortunate you are to be able to feel that beauty and joy in your life.
— Prem Rawat

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