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I was most fortunate to be able to attend the open meeting with Prem Rawat in Manchester about ten days ago.. in the midst of his talk he told two stories and this is one of them..


A man noticed a shop front with the name 'Shop of the Divine' and when looking closer thru' the shop window he could see nothing clearly. Being interested enough to find out more he went inside and was amazed.. Huge high ceilings and fittings that were stupendous to behold took his breath away and he was approached by an assistant who asked if he could help him..

What do you sell? he asked and was shown the shelves behind the counter on which were displayed the most beautiful items unlike anything our man had seen before.. 'They are the most wonderful things I have ever seen' he said 'but what are they?'.. the assistant replied that the first one was called Purity and the second Compassion and others were called Empathy and Wisdom and Self Knowledge and Love and Peace etc.. 'Can I buy them?' asked the potential customer.. You can buy them was the reply or you can just have them if you want..

Our man was stunned and he said yes I want one of each for myself but also one of each for my family and close friends so say  sixteen of each.. 'Certainly sir' came the reply 'please wait while I prepare them for you.'

When he returned from the back of the shop he brought a small package and gave it to our man. 'How can that small package be all of those items I asked for' he said.. 

'These are the seeds of all of the items you asked for' replied the assistant 'you must plant and tend each one and they will grow into those items that you see on the shelves.'

'But you must care for them, water them when required and be sure they have sunlight. Its no good to just throw them on the ground and expect them to grow.'


Prem Rawat then went on to explain that the whole universe was the Shop of the Divine and that it was no good to ask for the moon because it would be no use to us.. and how it was no good to ask for a star, like romantics might, for its a star and would burn us up.....



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I really liked this short story and I thought you all may as well so I've posted it here...

wonderful story

I heard it too on the livestream of this event

as well as some other good stories and heartfelt wisdom

the replay is up now so you can hear it or watch for yourself if you like

thanks for sharing desi

The LiveStream Replay of "The Answer Within" is now available in English and Spanish. Replays in other languages will be available soon; stay tuned.

Life can be full of questions. On July 7, 2019, Prem Rawat spoke in Manchester, UK about “The Answer Within,” and the practical perspectives explored in the latest English version of his book “Peace is Possible”—themes that have made the book a global hit. (It’s now available in 15 languages.) 

This special Replay includes Prem in conversation with Welsh comedian and actor Tom Price as well as speaking from the heart to the live audience. 

Very empathetic story


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