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The Season of Peace
Your true nature is not anger; your true nature is not fear. Your true nature is understanding; your true nature is fulfillment; your true nature is to shine!
Aug 20, 2019

And excerpt:

People say, “There’s so much greed in this world.” Yes, there is! But why is there greed? Why is there greed? You think human beings are only capable of greed? No, human beings are also capable of generosity.

I just want the wind to blow so you can fly the kite. I want the river to run. I want the well to be full of water, so you can be in the glory of a human being—the glory of a human being. The flower that blooms, blooms! Petals open, colors vibrant, beauty unmatched, fragrance, hypnotizing. Bloom! That’s what needs to happen!

Know! Know that the peace dwells in your heart, not because I said it, but because you felt it. That’s knowing. Know that that Divine dwells in your heart, not because I said it—because you felt it, not one day, not two days, not three days, but all your life. This is the realm. There is no time—there is no “young”; there is no “old.” It is the same for everyone.

When spring comes, it comes the same for everyone—like a baby, a hundred-year-old, a fifty-year-old, forty, thirty, twenty. It comes for everyone in the same way. When the summer comes, it is the same way. When it is fall, it is the same way. When it is the winter, it is the same way.

Let the season of peace come in your life. The time has come. The time has come; let the season of peace come in your life.

- Prem Rawat

can listen to full event here <3

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thank you Janice.. and for the link.. where is this from? what event have I missed?

I think it is from an older event some where in Asia.

powerful and wonderful though , ay  <3


"Your heart is mighty... it is so strong that in the face of the greatest adversity, it is willing to come shining - for you."    --   Prem Rawat   24th Aug. 2019 Pasadena CA.


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