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to me this is one of the very best if you are at all concerned about feeling more peace in your life. 18mins of dynamite which I hope you can see: Its from the 40th day of the Lockdown series


intro to the Peace Education Programme 

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I should add that this one is day 40 that I am posting... all days are available at ''. press the link on the front page to Lockdown series. Select number 40 either audio or video.. 

I loved this one too

all these talks with Prem are so wonderful

grounding , centering, insightful

good for any time , not just coronavirus time

but it is so nice to be in lockdown with Prem

lol and love

I am loving it too. a snap of a daily event.. every day so far. but the 40 talking in detail about the word peace. I saw it as spot on.. but then he always is. both helen and I are quite enjoying these 7 weeks of lockdown but so missing the kids and grandkids etc.

I am a first time grandmother

born  april 4th

samantha , she is so sweet

but because of corona virus i can only see her thru window

not been able to hold her yet

but love is love

I love your both conversation, nice to read.

this is day number 52 of the 'lockdown' series. its called Belonging. like you may not have ever heard.


its no:52


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