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Release By Suzanne Giesemann

How much do you need to be happy? Do you crave more, more, more? And if what you are craving is not readily available, perhaps you go in search of a substitute. And when this no longer satisfies? Do not despair. This craving, this wanting is merely an indicator that you are out of alignment. Bless it, this feeling that has brought you to seeking. Now, seek no more. Simply breathe. Simply let go. Simply shift your awareness to the heart and admit, “I need connection. I cannot endure this alone.”

This is the longing you are feeling. As you pray now for connection, ask yourself to whom you are praying. Angels, guides, God? They are all here—found in the silence beyond your mundane thoughts. You would not feel the urge to call out if there were not a part of you that is already connected. Find this connection here. In the heart. In the silence. We will take it from here.

You are so very loved


Presence By Suzanne Giesemann


How much do you miss because you are focused on the next thing and the one after that? There is a reason for presence. There is a Presence within you—the one that breathes you—that is here to guide you always, but you cannot be aware of it as long as you are focused forward, backward, and anywhere but Here. Here is where you find insights.


Here is where you find guidance. Here is where you find connection with guides and higher beings of every stature, including those you love who have passed. Here is where you find Presence of Mind—the one Mind which all share. Slow down, why don’t you, and know: You are so very loved.


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We light a candle for all our friends and members that have passed to the other side.

Gone from our life and forever moved into our heart. ~ ❤️ ~

Grant us peace

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Shannon Wamsley

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Windy Willow (Salix Tree)
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Ireland NOV 2020
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She writes,
"Love, acceptance and inclusion. Grant us peace."



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