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There's so much to say, where do we begin? That the I Ching is the world's first binary code.

Fu Xi found the first hexagram on the back of a giant tortoise somewhere around 2700 BCE, which he shared with his female counterpart Nü Wa. Their contemplations brought moral and social order to the world where before there was only chaos. Change itself needed to be understood. It was understood in terms of nature. 

Heaven, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind (Wood), Lake (Metal), Thunder, Mountain. 

These are the eight trigrams. Two trigrams comprise a hexagram. There are 64 possible hexagrams.

The King Wen sequence is the most common ordering of the hexagrams. This arrangement has been translated dozens of times. 

Indeed, the I Ching is available online for consultation many times over. This is Hilary Barrett's site, featured here in appreciation for the wealth of information provided:


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You're great, starseed. Kicking off a discussion, and you're right on it to add. It's an ongoing collection.

If anybody ever wants me to help them with one of their divinations --- I know them backwards and forwards, can always lend a little interpretation. Meanwhile, we'll just throw on stuff as moved!

How much do you charge for it, John? 

I might be interested in one of them. 

I am an Astrologer and I read other things, but the I Ching has never been my medium, but I am curious about it, and I would love to have a reading.

Yes, I am familiar with this system, not that I ever used it for any readings, and I thank not only you, John, but also Vlada, for the further clarification and the video!

Forever changes, my friend!


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