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Clairmergence is the psychic ability of being able to merge your personal energies with other people and spiritual beings,
such as personal guides, your Higher Self, Ascended Masters, and Archangels to
create Unity
We, The Abbotts have been working on and researching the spiritual principle of
Unity, for some time now. Recently during a meeting with Master Serapis Bey, we were told about the amazing
psychic ability of Clairmergence and its importance at this time. It seems that
since the arrival of the Star seeds in the early 1970’s that the creation of
Unity within humanity has taken on a more serious and concerted effort. This is
because, as the planet Gaia and humanity gradually ascend into the fourth
dimension, it is necessary that we begin to understand and feel the Oneness of
Creation. And for this to happen, all Light workers and Star seeds (everyone)
need to become aware of their dormant Clairmergent abilities and begin to
activate them.

For this to happen, we were told to:

1. Firstly, protect yourselves in an auric egg shell of Divine Light and then
meditate, until you are very relaxed and calm.

2. Then ask aloud for your Personal Guides or Higher Self, to come to you and
assist you with this exercise.

3. Then with your eyes closed, imagine to yourself that your seven major
chakras are starting to rotate and become active, along with ALL of the other chakras in your Light body.
4. Then ask your Angelic Guides to help you expand your auric field and merge
with the other people in the room that you are in. Or if you are meditating on
your own, ask your Personal Guides to help you merge yourself with a plant or
item of furniture, near to where you are sitting.

5. Continue this exercise for 10 minutes or until you feel that you have had enough.

6. Thank your Angelic Guides / Higher Self and bring yourself out of the
```     Continue to practice this
exercise, until you can consciously merge your energies with other people,
plants, animals, inanimate / solid objects. Also by psychically protecting
yourself BEFORE starting this exercise, you will not pick up anyone else’s
unpleasant energies and you will be fully protected and safe. If you ever feel
that it is not appropriate to use your Clairmergence abilities, (i.e. you do
not feel that it is a good idea to merge your energies with someone or
something) then do not. As with all psychic and spiritual abilities, have Faith
and Trust in your own feelings, develop your intuition and only follow what
feels right to you.
And as you develop your Clairmergence abilities, you will find that you will a
have stronger feeling of Oneness or Wholeness within your life. You will begin
to feel a stronger union with your partner, children, parents, friends, and
planet Earth, Gaia. Also by using your Clairmergent abilities, you will be
raising your spiritual vibration and helping yourself to develop a more
prominent Light body, for the development of the personal Light body is a very
important part of a persons’ ascension process.

Tony and Robyn Abbott are wonderful Lightworkers and clear channels. Here is a link for you enjoy. Love and Light Malang


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