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The Gift of Gratitude


The Gift of Gratitude

Here you can write anything you wish, anything your heart tells you to. Post something that you feel grateful for today...

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"Feeling Gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it".

William A. Ward

Gratitude with Deepak Chopra

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Comment by bridget orman on May 12, 2018 at 12:42pm

Comment by Zbyszek Bychowski on March 21, 2018 at 12:26pm


Hier kannst du alles schreiben, was du willst, alles was dein Herz dir sagt. 

Poste etwas, für das du heute dankbar bist ...

Bin ich sehr dankbar für ganze Lehre mit Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Das war schwirigstes  und schönstes  Zeit in meinem Leben. Jetzt unsere Mutter Erde wandelt in neues Dimension, natürlich mit uns, aber jedes von uns muss was mitbringen. Warten auf neues gute Leben ist zu wenig. Mehr Info über die Schule ist hier:

Bevorstehende Seminare :

Trip to Europe March 28 to April 13

United Kingdom 28 – 1 Public 31

France Paris 1 - 3 Public 2

Switzerland 3 – 5 Public ?

Greece Athens 5 – 8 Public ?

Italy 8 – 12 2 Public meetings - ?

Wenn jemand will mit mir etwas zu schreiben zu dieses Thema, werde zufrieden.

Leider habe schwache Englisch, gute Deutsch und sehr gut polnische Sprache


Zbyszek vel arjuna

Comment by Luna Arjuna on March 20, 2018 at 6:03pm

Today I'm grateful for sunshine. What are you grateful for?

Comment by Eva Libre on March 1, 2018 at 6:20pm

As human beings, we have spent lifetimes trying to get reality to catch up to our imaginations; what if we gently turn that around and give our imaginations permission to catch up with reality.

Reality is beautiful. Evidence surrounds us.

I am grateful.

~ Insight inspired by Byron Katie

Comment by Lothar Seifert on February 18, 2018 at 8:05am

Beautiful nature, the end of winter is coming soon. Beautiful flowers are visited by insects and we can see this miracle.

 Link: Blue blossoms

Comment by Eva Libre on February 17, 2018 at 5:56pm

Comment by Luna Arjuna on July 6, 2016 at 1:38pm

Your words filled me with deep gratitude.. thank you. :)

Art by Elizabeth Jane Gardner Bogereau

Comment by Sambuddha Duttagupta on July 5, 2016 at 5:15pm
BE GRATEFUL says Sri Sri :-)

Be grateful in life – miracles are the end products of gratefulness.

When you wake up in the morning be thankful to all. Feel grateful for our very existence, our very body, and all that we have, and all the love we have received. And this gratefulness will bring a flood of prosperity, joy and happiness .That will bring a total change in your attitude towards life

Deep inside somewhere, you feel a fine vibration that touches. That is grace. And whenever grace flows, you will find gratitude.

Anything that comes to you not just by your effort and not because you qualify, you can consider it a gift; as grace.

When you demand there is no grace, but when you are grateful it comes in abundance.When there is gratitude, complaints vanish. Discontent is the lower journey; gratitude is the plateau, the middle. Rising above this is grace.

Grace amplifies the effect of good Karma & reduces the effect of bad Karma.Grace manifests inside as prayerfulness, longing. Outwardly grace flows to you as blessings. Grace is not earned through actions. It is a gift from the Divine. Years of different practices cannot bring you the joy that a moment of grace can bestow on you.

Grace flows from gratefulness. Gratefulness is the glow of one's life. A grateful person purifies his entire environment. In his presence all his family, friends, and the people around him are uplifted. Someone in anguish suddenly finds relief.

Knowing that ‘I have all the blessings, I have the grace, the best will happen to me’, you should move ahead.Life is worth living if even for a moment you have lived gratefully.

An intense desire can frustrate you or make you prayerful. In prayerfulness, there is gratitude & devotion.Prayer is not asking. It is gratitude; a recognition of the huge tidal waves of love that God is pouring on you every moment.

Be grateful for whatever God has offered you today. And you will see that He goes on offering plenty. Never a lack. But if you go on seeing the lack, then that continues. Your attention on lack allows lack to continue in life.

You cannot be grateful and feel the lack. The two cannot exist at the same time. When you feel grateful, you feel full. When you feel lack, grumbling begins from some corner. If you feel grateful, gratitude will increase in you and you will be given more. If you keep on grumbling, the negativity in you will increase.

Whatever is, that grows. If you sow a seed, that seed will grow. If the seed itself is lack, then lack is what grows. Today you feel a lack, and tomorrow you will feel some other lack, and then in a year, even if all these things are provided, still you will feel some lack. Observe carefully and see what you have been given. Then you become grateful.

In gratefulness, everything that supports life grows. When people grumble all through life, their minds don't focus properly. Naturally, they tend to lose out. Even on the material plane, when consciousness is flooded with lack, lack grows.

But if you feel you have plenty, plentifulness grows.

Jesus said, "For those who have not, what little they have will be taken from them. And to those who have, more will be given. And more. And more." This is the law of the nature. For those who do not have this knowledge, there is no way to get out of their grumbling. It becomes a habit.

If you are grateful, gratitude will increase in you and you will be given more.When we are grateful for whatever God has given us, then we never lack anything and the grace continues forever.

It is not necessary for you to touch my feet, or ask me to put my hand on your head. You know, you can sit anywhere and ask for blessings in your mind, and you will receive blessing.

Just by being in the thoughts of the Divine one receives blessings. This is how it happens. So whenever you feel grateful, know that blessings have definitely come along with it.

Grace and blessings come automatically.Knowing that
Comment by Luna Arjuna on July 28, 2015 at 12:14pm

"Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more." – Mother Teresa
(painting by Tamanna Sagar)

Comment by Luna Arjuna on July 2, 2015 at 9:20am


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