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Magic (Olivia Newton-John) - excerpt - [Fingerstyle Guitar Covers]

rehearsing an arrangement of « Magic » by Olivia Newton-John. recorded in july 2019. ❤ thank you for your support ! ❤ § you're invited to subscribe to the ★ ...
Jul 2
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Asking For A Miracle - excerpt - [Fingerstyle Guitar Originals]

"We are certainly in need of miracles.Nice work and thanks, Chris."
Jun 27
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Asking For A Miracle - excerpt - [Fingerstyle Guitar Originals]

"Oh, here you are! I am glad you are doing this here, I love your arrangements! And we are are asking for a miracle everyday of our lives!"
Jun 25
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Steppin' Out (Joe Jackson) - excerpt - [Fingerstyle Guitar Covers]

working out an arrangement of « Steppin' Out » by Joe Jackson. recorded in july 2019. ❤ thank you for your support ! ❤ § you're invited to subscribe to the ★...
Jun 25
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Music and Spiritual Practice - An Overview of Poligraf

Music has been an essential part of my life since the end of the 80s.

The adventure began during the second of my four years of studying electrical engineering at Université Laval in Québec City. Through various friends and contacts I reconnected with progressive rock, a form of music to which I had already been exposed to in my youth thanks to my older brothers and sisters. Hearing the music of bands such as Yes, Rush, Genesis, and King Crimson felt like meeting old friends, and quickly I knew I just had to do as those musicians did, although my prior experience with music had been minimal at that time.

The feeling was so strong that not only did it led me to buy various instruments so I could learn how to play, but it was also the main force that made me decide to change direction after my first semester as a graduate student in computer vision and systems so I could build my life around music. And perhaps more importantly, when it became clear that I would compose music of my own, it spawned the question « what should the songs be about ? » which powered me into many years of exploring a multitude of domains of knowledge including science, philosophy, psychology, art, mysticism, and the occult.

Music for me is also spiritual practice. The inspiration and elevation it provides is undeniable, and the many insights I have had while practicing an instrument or rehearsing a part are too numerous to recount. Music picks me up when I let reason bring me down, restores my energy levels when I feel tired, sustains me through lengthy work sessions, and generally brings me to a state of inner peace and deep joy.

My objective as a musician is to communicate that energy in the hopes that listeners will experience that very same elevation and inspiration. It is also my intention to share my experiences and discoveries and thus hopefully help others reach understandings that can they can use on their own journey.

Buddhism has been an essential part of my life since the mid-90s.

The adventure began when I stumbled upon a feature in an encyclopedic dictionary that highlighted the Four Noble Truths. That finding immediately sparked my curiosity and a few days later I was buying a copy of The Dhammapada at a local bookstore. While slowly digesting the aphorisms in the weeks that followed, I found that its teachings were in continuity with a process of introspection that had begun during an introductory course on neural networks (i.e. systems designed to emulate some of the capabilities of the human brain, such as pattern recognition and associative memory), the study of which had triggered the question « what does this tell me about my own inner workings ? »

From then on I pursued my explorations and plunged into the Tibetan Book Of The Dead, which was quickly followed by various Mahayana sutras. I also bought a guide to learn how to meditate and started experimenting with the practice.

During the years that followed, I plowed through most of the major Mahayana sutras, progressively adjusted my lifestyle and behaviour to accord with the precepts, refined my meditation practice, memorized mantras, and became a vegetarian.

Poligraf has been an essential part of my life since its inception at the beginning of February 1998.

The adventure began after the collapse of a band that arguably never really existed as it only had a handful of rehearsals, but for which I had already written a lot of material. Left alone at the helm, I connected with a group of experienced musicians via a co-worker friend and after agreeing on a general aim and formula, we raised sail and headed to the terra incognita of progressive rock.

Over its eleven years of activity in various incarnations, Poligraf has yielded enough music for over five full-length albums, but never really had a chance to officially record any of them, although some of the material has been demoed and performed on stage on various occasions.

Most of the music documents my own spiritual path and presents some of the lessons that life has taught me on the way. Some pieces are directly inspired by Buddhist texts or teachings. For instance, « Between Worlds » is directly inspired by the Tibetan Book Of The Dead, and « The Idler » and « Creeper » have been inspired by aphorisms of The Dhammapada. « Void » illustrates the Buddhist concept of emptiness, and « SubjeKctiv » serves as a reminder of the subjectivity of experience and the coextensivity of worlds. « Entering the Stream » is a trilogy, counting a total of nine chapters, that depicts the trajectory of an individual fed up with the mundane who decides to retreat into an ashram for some heavy introspection before returning to the ordinary with a renewed perspective on life.

Throughout all these years, if the Mahayana has provided the vehicle, then Poligraf has certainly provided landscapes, path, and drive, while the buddhas have completed the picture with their timely, serendipitous, and often magical interventions.

I don't know why I feel so strongly about music, progressive rock, and Poligraf in particular, but I just know I do and I trust that feeling to the best of my ability. My connection to Poligraf runs so deep that whenever I let hardships or circumstances turn into reasons to believe that there's no viable future for the band, then I retreat into apathy. That is, until that unmistakable feeling breaks through the veil of confusion to drive me again. To the best of my present understanding, my own self-realization seems to be linked to that of the band, if not as the culmination of my spiritual practice, then at least as an essential stepping stone towards it.

March 2020 Update: Poligraf is currently hibernating, and probably not coming back to life, at least for the foreseeable future. Still, I have been writing new music steadily since the band was last active, a mix of songs and instrumentals influenced from progressive rock and which have been written for Poligraf, and also singer-songwriter tunes that are closer in their essence to folk-rock or even pop, pieces for solo classical guitar, and occasional electroid experimentations.

If you'd like to know more about my musical activities and support me in my efforts to bring more artistic beauty into the world, please visit my website (see the first icon below) where you can learn more about my various projects.

For me, your support represents an opportunity to go to the next level, reach a wider audience, and ultimately become a self-sustaining music producing unit that can function independently of a record label.

Thank you for reading thus far, and best wishes to you on your journey.


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At 10:39pm on June 22, 2020, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…

Greetings to Chris by Margarida.

At 9:23pm on June 15, 2020, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…

I sent you a private message now.
Good wishes to you too.

At 9:05pm on June 15, 2020, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…

Grateful surprise your friend request.
Very happy to accept. Welcome!

At 6:22pm on June 2, 2020, Eva Libre said…

Hello Chris ❤️ 

thanks for being there!

At 2:43am on February 1, 2020, Eva Libre said…

hi Chris,

it's so good to hear something from you, i miss you very much. I also wish you the best of health and a happily fulfilled 2020. Maybe we'll see you again soon? 

At 11:40pm on April 20, 2019, Carmen Elsa Irarragorri-Wyland said…

Happy Easter, Christopher!

At 8:46pm on January 1, 2019, Eva Libre said…

Happy New Year dear friend !

At 11:19pm on September 02, 2018, Rosemary Burns gave Christopher Stewart a gift
At 4:19am on September 3, 2018, Rosemary Burns said…

Hello Christopher 

Have a good week love and hugs 

At 4:18am on September 3, 2018, Rosemary Burns said…

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One Of A Kind

Posted on June 9, 2020 at 1:53pm 0 Comments

Essentially written in one day in March 2013, « One Of A Kind » is an upbeat folk pop summer song about meeting someone who turns out to have special significance in one's life, and eventually becoming so close as to form a kind of unit with them.

Ultimately, it's also about how every encounter, whether apparently desirable or otherwise, actually contributes to one's growth and to finding one's place in the grand scheme of things.

Here are the lyrics…



Posted on May 5, 2020 at 5:01pm 0 Comments

tell me i did not dive in way too deep

and that i will find the relief i seek

when bells toll the time to jump off the peak

say that there will be faith to take the leap

although i've walked the path of oracles

and seen you've kept the oath you'd said you'd keep

when the fruits will be close enough to reap

will i really believe in miracles

did your plan really include that last turn

or did i miss a lesson on the road

will there some day…


Allegory of the Long Spoons

Posted on April 14, 2020 at 5:20pm 0 Comments

« The allegory of the long spoons is a parable that shows the difference between heaven and hell by means of people forced to eat with long spoons. »

« In each location, the inhabitants are given access to food, but the utensils are too unwieldy to serve oneself with. In hell, the people cannot cooperate, and consequently starve. In heaven, the diners feed one another across the table and are sated. »

« Given the same level playing field one group of…


Living Bond

Posted on April 13, 2020 at 9:17pm 1 Comment

dare i declare that we'll always be one

that in your soul breathes an echo of mine

that our paths will fusion down the line

that this living bond cannot come undone

dare i reveal how we have been misled

by values that want us to be apart

told only a fool could follow their heart

by demons of greed, reason, and hatred

could you forgive me for being doubtful

of accepting the fate of a prophet

and having been of you so…


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