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Morality in Education

Morality is not merely a subject of preaching. Rather, it is a subject of practice. Morality leads one towards righteous acts. It accords protection and dynamism to human values. Performing duties or discharging responsibilities is the acid test of morality. If one performs his duties well, he discharges his responsibilities towards the society, the nation and humanity as a whole, he, in fact, follows the path of ethics; therefore, he practices morality in true sense of the word. The role of…


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With Special Reference to Buddhism, Indian Viewpoint: Amalgamating Education and Psychology Indian Philosophy: A Cultural Blend of Education and Psychology*

आत्मानं सततं ज्ञात्वा कालं नय महामते | प्रारब्धमखिलं भुञ्जन्नोद्वेगं कर्तुमर्हसि –Naadabindupnishad [नादबिन्दूपनिषद्]

[Meaning thereby: “O intelligent man! Spend your life always in the knowing of the supreme bliss, enjoying the whole of your Prarabdha without making any…


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The Gospel of Mrityu [Death]


Mrityuna Grastamakhilam Namarupatmakam Jagat!

Brahmantattvam Parigyaya Muchyate Yogasanshayah!!


“Mrityu [death] swallows the whole world [the universe] made of Maya [delusion]. This [world] is, in fact, the subject of desolation; it is fully within the ambit of fatality. Knowing reality of the Super Element through the Yoga is the remedy –to win the…


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Making Good of Human Life: The Spiritual

Humans have always felt perplexed by life’s mystery, its origin, meaning and finality. Especially, origin, meaning and purpose of human life have always remained vital subjects of discussion and analysis from the beginning. Theists and atheists, both, have for thousands of years been discussing these subjects continuously and comprehensively. Scholars have differently presented their respective arguments and conclusions on them. Their arguments, interpretations and conclusions have further…


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Importance of Harmony in Life

Harmony, Sadbhavana in Indian terms, occupies the most important place in man’s life. It is complementary to the supreme human value of Ahimsa and symbolic of friendliness in toto, and, therefore, it remains as the nucleus in the Vedic-Hindu philosophy and way of life. The great Mahamrityunjaya Mantra of the Rigveda urges man for harmony to develop inclusive and wide-ranging friendliness among fellow beings and thereby create an atmosphere of peace leading…


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The Forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections

The forthcoming Lok Sabha elections are very important for us, the Indians. They are most significant, perhaps, since India’s freedom from the colonial rule from the viewpoint of country’s unity, integrity and a national polity. Besides India’s broad-based nationalism [dedicated eventually to the cause of whole of humanity], culture, way of life and its place in the Twenty-First Century world in particular would be decided most tellingly from these…


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Values in Life: An Analysis

“Let us work together, let us speak together, let our minds and hearts be united for a great cause.” The Rig-Veda 


            Values have always been imperative to man’s life. That is why; analysis and discussion about the worth and significance of values has been there right from the beginning. A life without values is considered as useless, meaningless and…


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Morality: Essence and Reality

“The very essence of our civilization is that we give a paramount place to morality in all our affairs, public or private.” –MK Gandhi


The word morality is essentially associated with man’s practices, his character, intention and dealings in particular. Along with this, morality accords strength to judge what is wrong and right, and enables to choose the right and welfaristic. That is why; the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius had…


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Relevance of Gandhian Thought on Youth and Women in Current Perspective

As a great humanist Mahatma Gandhi put forth before the world from-to-time his views on almost all subjects related to life. He discussed at length all walks of life –importance, impact and related problems thereof in particular. How was it then possible that he could remain indifferent to the role, significance and contribution of youth and women to the society, nation and humanity as a whole? Rather, he had sanguine thoughts about them. His views pertaining to youth and women were unique.…


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Significance of Gandhian Viewpoint of Value Education in the Twenty-First Century

 “The ancient aphorism, ‘Education is that which liberates’ is as true today as it was before. Education here does not mean mere spiritual knowledge, nor does liberation signify only spiritual liberation after death. Knowledge includes all training that is useful for the service of mankind and liberation means freedom from all manners of servitude even in the present life. Servitude is of two kinds: slavery to domination from outside and one’s own artificial needs. The knowledge…


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Contemporary Indian history cannot complete without a mention of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, his work and vision. He was a fearless leader, deft organizer, great freedom fighter, administrator, statesman and a visionary. His role in nation-building remains extraordinary till date and will remain so for all times to come. Sardar Patel’s sharp political acumen enabled him to accomplish the impossible and he worked tirelessly for his motherland till his last breath.               



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Quality Assurance in Education and Research

The topic, Quality Assurance in Education and Research, comprising of four words, is quite important and it is one of the vital subjects being discussed extensively these days all over the world. Why so? Before knowing and analyzing this, it would be appropriate to get familiarized with the meaning of and the spirit behind the four words that make for this heading.

Education: A lifelong process, purpose of which is to realize what already exists within; to develop…


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Peace Education: A View

Peace [Shanti in Sanskrit] –a word signifying the state of harmony in a holistic perspective, calls for peak of human dynamics and proactive co-operation of all fellow-beings. Bliss, calmness, serenity and tranquility are the words synonymous to it.       

 Thomas Stearns Eliot [1934-65] –a US born eminent English lyricist, social critic, Nobel laureate [1948] and composer of famous poem, The West Land, wonderfully opines that Shanti is the state to accord understanding…


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Non-Violence and Peace Education

Ahimsa [non-violence] and Shanti [peace] are integral to each other. Likewise, both of them deserve to be part of formal education system at the global level, not just as reference points, but as full-fledged major subject. Further, non-violence and peace deserve as much, if not more, of practical treatment as theoretical dispensation. They are, as a matter of fact, for the development of a holistic personality, which is the ultimate objective of education all over the world.…


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Mahatma Gandhi, in spite of not getting recognition as an educationist or a scholar in the academic sense, became nucleus of study and research for many around the world in his life time. Gandhi’s works and views on almost all issues related to his own life and day-to-day practices of common man in particular, are the subjects of analysis, observation, study and research even today, not only in India, but in all the six continents of the globe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America…


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For Harmony

Harmony, the term derived of harmonia of the Greek, symbolizes of agreement, concord or to join. The spirit in the root of the word harmony is to fit together, to join others for common cause, to work together for general welfare, or the common good. In the Indian perspective it is Sauhard or Sadbhavana, a means to connect people by heart to pave the way to work together. It is, thus, inevitable for existence and development, particularly for the reason that it emerges…


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Capacity-Building Programmes for Social Sciences Teachers

The theme capacity-building programmes for social sciences teachers is quite important and significant involving four focal points –capacity-building, teachers, social sciences and programmes. It categorically calls for necessity of those specific programmers, which should be initiated or the steps that can be taken to capacity-building of teachers-educators associated with various disciplines in social sciences. That is why; I have already started with my pre-observation of the theme by…


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Yato’bhyudaya-nihshreyasa siddhih sa Dharmah

The title of this short write up, Yato’bhyudaya-nihshreyasa siddhih sa Dharmah, is, in fact, a couplet defining Dharmaaccording to Maharishi Kanada, the founder of the Vaisheshika philosophy –one of the six foremost schools of thoughts* within the ambit of the Vedic-Hindu philosophy or the view of life, and which is known as empiricist school of atomism minutely explaining, discussing and analyzing issues related to matter, apparent universe, atom and…


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Adi Shankaracharaya: A Matchless Propounder and Propagator of Universal Unity

        Universal unity or universalism is an undeniable reality. The universe is thoroughly governed by one order –one rule. That very order –rule is the universal rule, the universal order. Nothing is beyond the ambit of this order or the rule. Universalism is, undoubtedly, the basis of the entire unity.
       The Vedic philosophy or the view of life, generally known as the Hindu philosophy or the view of life now, is fully dedicated to…

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Ahimsa and Unity: The Two Fundamentals of Harmony in Religions

Religion –the Dharma, in context of adopting goodness, as it is the real meaning and purpose of it, or in perspective of discharging one’s duty by her or his righteous acts, or in the form of an injunction, the Shasana, is eventually committed to harmony. It is, in fact, the essence of religion –the Dharma

All religions established or developed on this planet, from time-to-time, by making harmony as the nuclei of their foremost fundamentals, in one way or the…


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