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a Christmas Message from “inner child” and Bill

‘tis the season

‘tis the season for love
Peace and Understanding
when we all can escape
the incessant demandings
of greed
of politics
of despair
of war
of famine
of strife
for in this life
‘tis the season
and the season is life

‘tis the season of brotherhood
where our humanity may be embraced
and we perhaps wear smiles upon our face
not because all without is good
as it should be
but what is within
is perfect
as it can be
and always has been
my friend

‘tis the season of giving
adding your own cubit
to the purpose of living
your breath of light
inflates the Floating Balloons
of hope
that many others
and you
may cope
that we may endure
the tribulations and the trials
with the grace of our God
evidenced in our smiles
the smiles of our children
and the smiles in our hearts
from which i do pray
we shall never part

‘tis the season of truth
when we must admit
we have much work to do
so let us get to it
for the best of what we can be
is yet to come
and we will dance in the gardens
where love of each other is our Sum
we will embrace our Sisters and Brothers
and honor our Fathers and Mothers
our Source and Gaia
as we acknowledge the Fire
that burns within
my friend

‘tis the season of peace my friend
lay down our Arms
our Hate
our Indifference
our Detachment
for we are One
One Creation
on One Planet
with One Sun
Breathing One Air
and there is One Heartbeat
we call this Life
‘tis the season my friend

‘tis the season to celebrate
our connection
and without circumspection
without the illusory deflection
from the reality
that we are divine
not only in mind
but in Love
in Life
in Being
as Human Beings
‘tis the season
every day
‘tis the season
for love . . .

(c) 13 December 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.


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