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This write was spawned by a brief conversation i had this morning with Leslie "mizz fab" Ryan. We spoke of constructing a Poetic collaboration for an upcoming show pertaining "Female Empowerment". In that consciousness being visited upon, spirit brought forth this offering in a Female Voice. As opposed to me offering interpretation i allow you the reader to gather what you will. On an un-final note, i beseech us all to do what we can to eradicate the violence amongst our Brethern and Sisters, and embrace the Humanity by our thoughts, our deeds, and most importantly the sharing of the gifts we have in any way we can at every opportunity. It does come back to us . . . in kind.


where did i go wrong

he used to complete me

and now he beats me

where did i go wrong

i used to paint

i used to dance

but life has taken away my song

this day

so i play with the shadows

of memories

i remember love

yet i feel

and now she acts like

she does not know me


she walked out that door

long ago

but she left her pictures

on the mantle

within my heart

how i longed for her sweet embrace

endearing touch

just a smile even

her scent

i often lived with hope

that she would move back in

when she first departed

and since then

all hell broke out

bringing with them

my fears and my doubts

pertaining my worthiness to live

i gave all i could give

but that apparently

was not good enough

for him

yes i realize

the road was tough

for him

and me too

and it was not my fault

he lost his job

and his means

to provide

so in lieu of

a means

to reconcile his low self esteem

he beat me

to feel masterful again

and again

and again

and again

and in my desperate calls

for salvation



and extrication

from this tortuous

path i travel

all that was ever sacred in me

began to unravel

should i blame God for this

please Lord

just one Kiss

that will take me back

to that which i miss

when love lived in my house

i have now come to this place

where facing the wakened moments

and the Sunshine

that used to be mine

is still dark

the children in the park



displaying their joys

brings me tears

and now i have fears

for them as well

who is going to tell them

about the possibilities

life has in store for them

who is going to tell them

that all that you once loved

can change

to this

an absence of the possibilities

of bliss

should i blame YOU God for this

please Lord

just one Kiss

that will take me back

to that which i miss

when love lived in my house

but for now

he beats me

when he used to

complete me

where did i go wrong ?

(c) 21 October 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.



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Comment by Bill on November 28, 2011 at 9:36pm

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