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When we feed our Egos, we starve our souls! The material world we live in thrives on feeding our egos and

starving our souls. That is why there is no soul in anything we do. Praying and going to temples and churches

too has become more food for the ego rather than the soul. We need to find ways to feed our souls and starve

our egos if we want our civilization to be meaningful.

Arun Gandhi

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Comment by desmond dillon on June 21, 2020 at 10:19am

 I would add to this.. if we were born with the awareness of what the ego and soul or heart actually are we could choose which to feed.. however its not like this but rather all mixed together like a stew.. and so to arrive at a point where we can effectively do something about it, then it becomes necessary that we each begin to discover for ourselves, what we are made of and what we are..

 Socrates advised everyone from his wisdom to discover and know themselves.. but I see that the ego readily muddies these waters with the casual phrase 'I already know myself.'

 Of course we all know our own form and body. We know what has happened in our life, where we came from etc.etc. but this is not what is meant by knowing the self..  there is a lot more to it and it can never be what we  think.. you see the soul cannot be captured or known  by thought.

 Fortunately for all of us a way is provided during our lives whereby we can come to know the difference between soul and ego.. and thus the difference between war and peace.. by coming to know what peace truly is, then by extension what it is not.. the difference can be simply described as ego is all about what we think whereas the soul is exclusively felt.. 

 so it is following the good feeling to where it leads and not giving the credence so much to what we think. Courage lives in and comes from the heart of human beings.. we cannot think ourselves into courage. same with clarity, joy etc.. these are all perceived thru' inner feeling..

 One final word about the nature of ego.. it is not bad but has divine purpose.. for when we transcend this obstacle to knowing peace we get to be home and dry..

 I wish you all the best of the best that is patiently waiting for each of us to know.

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