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Holistic Reiki is a technique by harmonizing all levels of the human being through the Universal Life Energy

Reiki is a natural alignment technique through the Universal Life Energy .

Reiki The exact origin is unknown and lost in the annals of time and knowledge of this technique had been lost forever had it not been for a Christian monk named Mikao Usui at the end of the nineteenth century , rediscovered the technique and From that moment begins to spread.

Holistic Reiki is a technique by harmonizing all levels of the human being , harmonizes the physical, mental level , emotional level and spiritual plane. Reiki takes human beings as a whole so it blends together. Reiki harmonises through the Universal Life Energy is therefore a natural technique that attacks the body in any way and neither addictive nor secondary effects since no chemicals are used or extraneous to the body but only energy life that is present in all living things.

To be harmonized with the same energy that sustains us we are connecting with our source of life , we connect with this wonderful universal energy to every living thing gives you the ability to exist and be.

Because Reiki is a natural and holistic therapy can be used in any disease or imbalance that a person can ever have. Reiki can be , and indeed advisable, to use traditional medical treatment but should never replace it. Remember that Reiki is a therapy that complements medical treatment but not replacing it. That's why we are recommended as a treatment Reiki sessions prevention at least once a week , although this will have to analyze the reikista seeing the patient's condition .

Reiki is not a religion or a cult. Reiki is a natural healing technique . Mikao Usui made it very clear that this technique does not belong to any particular country or organization but is a knowledge that belongs to all humanity and therefore anyone can take this knowledge and become reikista .

A reikista can give Reiki treatments not only humans but also animals and plants. All living things have this power of life or KI therefore any living creature can be harmonized through Reiki.

A Reiki Session

A Reiki session can last about forty-five minutes to an hour. The session was done with the patient on a stretcher , which should be barefoot and should have comfortable clothes. For the session is very possible that the reikista place a soft music and aromatic with incense environment which will help the patient to relax and to enjoy the encounter with Reiki energy . During the session the reikista places his hands on specific areas of the patient's body to be closer alignment . Although you can give a full session of Reiki without touching the patient's body , it is very important that the reikista support their hands on the body as it should be noted that energy is a fluid that fits the container and may be the recipient (patient) feel the energy flow of any body part other than where our hands which can cause a feeling of insecurity. Therefore it is recommended to always reikistas the sessions make them with their hands on the receiver's body .

In Reiki treatment is called four consecutive sessions and continuing to serve as shock treatment to remove the patient from a state of disharmony . After this treatment of four consecutive days may take individual sessions once a week at least.


The reikista is a person dedicated to the use of Reiki as a complementary therapy for both himself and for others. Reikista A person is not just for the technique, know the positions of the hands or have read about Reiki. A person becomes Reikista only after receiving initiation as a Reiki channel through a seminar given by a Reiki Master (Reiki Master). These seminars usually last two or three days and they learn the technique , the positions of the hands , the history of Reiki and received the initiation or opening of the channels needed to be a channel of Reiki Energy .

A reikista is just one channel through which the Universal Life Energy (Reiki ). All living things get this energy otherwise could not live but a reikista has a larger aperture , which is achieved by tuning or initiation , which can receive greater flow of energy that can be channeled and transmitted to the recipient or patient .

So anyone who has received a session in the hands of reikista immediately notice when someone is not trying to reikista Reiki sessions . Perhaps the impostor knows perfectly the hand positions and use of technology but the quality of the energy emanating from the hands through light-years distant energy released by a qualified reikista . The impostor simply not be tuned to channel Reiki energy . Each Reiki Master gives the end of the seminar a certificate that supports and empowers the person who has just started to work as reikista .

Just as there are people who pretend to be reikistas there are others who pretend to be masters of reiki through seminars and · Home · reikistas . This is very serious because not only is cheating and stealing money to many people but most people attending a seminar go with the good will become true reikistas , so leave the seminar believing they are reikistas and start working as such. Thus all patients who go to these reikistas ¨ no ¨ can enjoy the true benefits that this technique gives and when he did not get results or improvements to their ailments turn against art and want to know anything more below Reiki.

So it is very important to take the necessary precautions to know if someone is truly reikista or Reiki Master. Each Reiki Master keeps track of which formed reikistas therefore we should see the certificate of reikista and then consult with the Master, who appears on the certificate to see if that is true. At the same time you must do the same with the master to know who trained him and talking . The Reiki technique there is no anonymity, each reikista comes from a master, and this in turn another teacher so it is possible to trace the pyramid and in direct consultation verify their membership of the Usui Reiki system .

Reiki Levels

The Usui system has a unique way to be awarded: Teacher to student and staff directly taught as Mikao Usui himself . With this it is clear that it is impossible to receive distance Reiki initiation .

Usui gave his system four progressive steps or levels that will detail below:

First Level

The first level is obtained by attending a seminar given by a Reiki Master . This seminar usually lasts two or three days and generally tends to be a maximum of twelve people. This seminar is taught hand positions , Reiki system history , the rules of life , such as using technology in general and you get the initiation or attunement for people who attend the seminar are able to channel the vital energy Universal through their hands so they can work as qualified reikistas . After completing the seminar the new reikista must go through a purification period of 21 days which should give self-treatment of Reiki on a daily basis during each of these twenty-eight days. Only after this period may begin to give Reiki to others.

Second Level

The second level is obtained similarly to the first level. Should attend a seminar given by a certified teacher of approximately the same hours. To receive this level of Reiki is essential to have passed at least three months since he took the first level. At this stage it is essential to have experience of having practiced giving Reiki treatments to others. At this level receive new initiations or attunements which allow reikista to give treatments at a distance.

Note that at this level are taught by Mikao Usui symbols authorized to deliver to work on patients but this does not mean a reikista second level is better than a class because the power quality is identical. The second level reikista just has more tools than in the first level.

Third Level or Master's Degree

This level is obtained after working over a period of time as reikista and giving treatments first and second level. At this level it is necessary that the reikista have real experience in the art. This level will only be granted when the reikista feel in your heart the desire to help his master in the disclosure of this wonderful technique . Thus the reikista is tuned or initiated as a Reiki Master and is given the necessary knowledge to start others in first and second level of Reiki.

Fourth Level or Experienced Teachers

This level is exclusive to Reiki Masters . At this level teachers are empowered to initiate or tune in to other masters in Reiki. This is the level where they are taught how and when to deliver this knowledge to a third-level Master .


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