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and i love her


there was a certain Love he had for her

one that consumed his heart

his soul

his thought

his wantings and passions

and all else he was

and is


he was never sure as to how he should express him self

for he could not even think straight

with visions of her beauty dominating his thought

there were not any words he could eloquently grasp

and speak

or give to her

that would make her understand

the depths of this consuming fire


Yes . . .

he had wantings


the whisperings of my heart were maddening

and many times i was saddened

for i did not see the light coming forward

towards me

yes i did not see

but somehow i knew

that in you


yes . . .

he knew he had discovered something greater

within her that lived within himself

there was a kinship spirit

the feelings he tasted

were beyond any sweetness he had ever dreamed of

and though he wanted so much more

there was an abiding fear

that this was an illusion

and might disappear

but he did not care about such shadows

for there was such a light being expressed now


and this was where he was staying

where he would reside

he refused to hide

and this what he felt could not be denied

this love

this feeling

that kept him reeling

being tossed and turned

in the internal Holy Fire that burned

within him


he seemed as if he was walking of the clouds

that he had long ago formed in his dreams.

when he first looked upon her face

there was a light of joy and anticipation

of something greater

and he was consumed


in a passion

in a joy

in love

with love

he has discovered

in her

No, he will not let go

and he did not pursue

for she was already his


it seemed as if this is what he came here for

that this door may be opened

this door to his heart

that always sought to give of his secrets

the same secrets of Creation

that ushers forth our elation

in the knowing

that we have not to go any place

for within our own space

what we desire

of that fire within

will come to us

as she has come to grace his life

with her presence

the present

and ultimately we must confess

as we address this truth

that we are the love elective

and within the collective

of all souls

and these wantings and desires are confirmed

and my dreaming has now ceased

and our fires affirm

that life itself is pleased

for this love

that has come

and i am complete


and i love her



(c) 22 December 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.




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Comment by Bill on December 22, 2010 at 9:51pm

I thank you my Dear Eva . . .  i am honored to share, to love to give to serve . . .

thank you so much for the blessings of your presence . . .


Comment by Eva Libre on December 22, 2010 at 9:22pm

Beautiful~ just beautiful. Thank you for sharing this Bill!

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