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AWAKENING IN OUR NEW AGE, The Awakening movement for Light, Love and Peace in our Unity

I was aware when I was 15 that I was meant to help people with using my psychic ability and also to heal. I have used my psychic ability to help others see their lives as it is (usually very personal information that only they know). I was told my grandmother on my mom's side also could read people with just using a regular deck of playing cards. I believe I chose a path of the awareness of Oneness of humans (Spirit's are using the human body, we all have a part of the same "Spirit," from the One Spirit-even if some Aliens had something to do with our "Design." There is only One God "Goddess" or Spirit, and in the non-dual awareness causing an emptiness of our Mind, or simply meditation. In so doing, we can activate our kundalini and start really living by being in the "Flow." This is living very Lucidly as we come to realize that we are the observer of thoughts, not the thoughts. I feel more aware and alert in the stillness, emptiness of my Mind which causes both an awakened reality as our kundalini awakens giving us a complete unification in our realization of the truth of the Oneness in the Universe. The quantum field is interconnected as the quantum physicist can attest. We are in the "Flow" when everything is synchronizing, reality becomes a projection of the mind, we then feel an effortless existence in our realization of our Love and Oneness so much can and will fall into place and Everything rightfully ours is then effortlessly manifested. I am striving to be in the reality that is the One which is meant for me and I affirm I attract only those things that are within the realm of possibility with Divine Mind. I do not believe in labeling anything because it comes to a point that duality is transcended after realizing thought always had an element, or foundation of good or bad which is only a projection of a reality and I have found peace in knowing that I am no longer a victim of unwanted circumstances as I embrace the power of love in my life and encourage it to be so. Nothing can resonate or eventually be in our lives if there is not something loving in the connection or circumstance that we find ourselves in. Love transcends good and bad as it is neither one. If in the world of labels, I would call myself a free spirit that can utilize the gifts of healing, psychic ability and to be able to non-judgementally love others that may cross my path and to fully accept what appears from synchronicity to be my life mate. Synchronicity defined:

  1. the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.
  2. It's the universe talking to us if we listen.
  3. I would easily consider myself a Mystic of Christ consciousness based on my history of meditation, love and empathy. 

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Comment by Tara E Girod on May 29, 2015 at 4:27am

Please feel free to be a part of Peace for the Soul, a newly created group where others may either create their own group or join mine or both.

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