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What's on your mind? To those who had a negative comment about my last post from David Ick's interview. I did not say that I know or believe everything in the video but we are in a time of Awakening and that means in my loving way which transcends duality and judgement of good or bad that I am sharing what has been kept secret to many especially what Phill Schnieder's underground experience with other beings in the tunnel. Yes, I agree, Love is the truth in an absolute sense but being unable to at least be open to other possibilities is not being loving in trying to debunk me for only sharing a video that I am newly becoming aware of, i.e. the Cults and the Satanic Sacrifices, missing people that are completely unaccountable for and the underground DULSE (refer to Phil Schneider). I know it is difficult for the narrow mind to even want to believe in such things but in my way I am in a sense being loving by spreading previously hidden information. I was unaware of the facts previously myself. I do not know if everything is absolute truth but I am open to at least hearing about other's "experiences. I would like it if this world was not so quick to judge right or wrong information/beliefs and I often wish there were more who can transcend duality instead of feeding into negativity which has caused this to be a waring planet. I prefer to show the good and the so-called opposite without judgement.  The woman in the interview may have been one of the many children who got entangled in some horrific Cult, an innocent victim. Love = compassion for all people and my heart went out to her, hardly unloving in my motive to inform. As I said I am about Waking people up.

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