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Breathing is the most vital role

body, the main source

of life. All processes

our lives are conditioned

by respiration. It is a process

involuntary and automatic in

removes the oxygen from the air

inspired gases are expelled

waste with the breath.




Live every day in poorly ventilated, breathe air polluted E INJALAMOS TOXIC SUBSTANCES, THAT CONTRIBUTE TO DOWNLOAD THE DEFENSE OF OUR BODIES.

The rush, the burdens, the short time available, make us miss a INNATE TOOLS FOR EVERYONE: BREATHE

The cells in our body depend
of blood for its supply
oxygen and the amount
oxygen flowing through the
blood will determine the vitality and health
each cell.

 If breathing is defective,
not oxygenate well.

some vital functions
maintained and that breathing
contributes to our health.

note that this is
The first function of the body
expressing the state
emotional development of each one. It is important
understand their duties
and learn to use it properly
in different
practice activities
daily, as a cure
and multiple preventive
disorders? physiological
so overwhelming.

The lungs contain about
300 million alveoli, which made
occupy an area of ​​70
square meters, about 40 times the size
skin. These oxygenated blood
from the body, to return
the heart. Breathing meets
two successive stages in inspiration,
diaphragm and intercostal muscles contract
rise and widen the ribs.
In this process, we update a
average of 25,930 breaths, breathe
about fifteen times per minute. Ie
that during expiration and inspiration, move
about half a liter of
blood, having a capacity in our
lungs for three liters of air. Tan
only 25 days after conception appear
the rudiments of what
tracheo bronchial tree is
"A poor oxygenation provides imbalance."


We live daily in poorly ventilated areas,
and breathe polluted air
inhaling toxic substances which contribute
to lower the defenses of our body,
causing alterations, with
with the lack of oxygen, cause
both disorders? physiological, emotional
and psychological (digestive disorders
circulation are difficult to remove
toxins, lack of concentration,
irritability, fatigue, insomnia).
Moreover, "breathing well done
has multiple benefits "strengthens the
circulatory, immune and nervous systems.
Facilitates the clearing of the organism,
strengthening the muscles of the face
and throat.

 The blood is activated and purified,
eliminate organic waste, improve
nutrient absorption, stabilizes
cardiac function and reduces
blood pressure. Also massage
abdominal organs with each movement
the diaphragm. Provides oxygen to
cells and is crucial in? fixation
of oxygen in hemoglobin. Stabilize
cardiac action, and all this, we
add that facilitates the internalization and
body awareness.
"We can not breathe well if we relax,
and we can not relax if
breathe well. " We note that
among the virtues of good oxygenation,
find the power of concentration, relaxation and base of any mental technique.
Through relaxation, our muscles become loose, minimizing
physical stress and ailments of the body.
Breathing and relaxation go together. One without the other can not

There are many techniques such as yoga, pilates, we provide
this discipline, sports and other techniques that
the first thing we teach is to breathe. But his influence
does not end here. Disorders such as asthma, allergies, digestion
difficult and gases, dyspnea, wheezing, hiccups, smoking,
during pregnancy, stress, anxiety, migraine, etc.. are
benefit from breathing exercises. Problems like
dysphagia, neurological disorders or stuttering, are corrected
specialists in speech therapy, using breathing techniques,
among others. If we consider functions
our bodies and what is his? functionalist, we realize
of certainty and importance breathe. In the
season in which we have entered, not a bad idea to strengthen
our lungs, giving them a few liters of oxygen,
with which to address such special colds
at this time.
"Our way of breathing becomes our way of
life. "

 Breathing fully functional
alone, so no attention is paid to this process
? physiologically important. Better quality of
life is in our hands. Only need a habit.
With only 5 minutes a day and 12 full breaths,
a person is able to increase your breathing capacity.
How to get into the habit of good breathing? Training
ends up becoming a daily habit
ie an automatic. The daily practice of an exercise
it will incorporate into our lifestyle. All
processes of our body are regulated by the brain
and this fits into our lives everything that we teach. For
that the incorporation of this routine is part of our
vital learning process.

Breath Health! The first step is to realize and test
the benefits it provides adequate respiration.
Whatever state we find, it is certain
is that it provides relief and better quality? philosophy
of life. Do not forget that what we learn we can teach,
and the children can begin, since its growth
a habit that will help them grow healthy.

• Veronica Drive
Instructor breathing and relaxation techniques



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Comment by gilbert defruyt on May 27, 2011 at 8:39am
Breath in and send violet light to your hearth,
Transform Light energy in LOVE energy
Breath out and send these LOVE energy too your painful hand,cholder ,dog or the world in problem
Thats a wonderful healing
Light Love and Peace can safe the world in danger
Gilbert wistleblower

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