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deny me not . . .


the “i” of the Christ

has come once again to anoint us

will you embrace me in the Garden

and then deny me in the Court


do you know who “i” am ?

and why i come to you ?


let us dance once again in the Gardens

of sweet expectations of the rapture

let us capture

but not embrace


the essence of divine sweetness

and in our completeness

we shall know of the unfettered realm

where all possibilities are spawned

and in the dawn of this new day

a “new” way

knew way

known way

is once again revealed

for that which has been concealed

can no longer be hidden


will you deny me Peter

it is you who complete the circle

the circle of light

that all may see the glory

will you deny me my beloved one


i have given you the sword

the word

that you might smite the ear

of those who hear not

and you have so willingly done so

but i ask you Peter

will you deny me

deny your self

your divinity

your truth

your essence of soul

as you have done so many times before


i beseech you my brother

the door is opening

that you may come into the room

where thy solace resolves your anguish

the light is on

gather thy self

thy tongue that yearns

to utter the name of your truth

will you deny me Peter


the Universal Soul is stirring

preparing a place for you

your seat has been empty

much to long

your task is nearly done

will you deny me Peter this time

will you cast the Holy to Perdition

for the condition of comfort you seek


let thy Soul speak freely now

embrace me in your depths of love

love unrequited

in spite of the darkness of illusion

feel my lips upon that of thy own

and speak

my child

my brother

my self

my love

and dare not deny me

deny me not


my beloved Peter

deny not the “i” in thee



20 March 2011 : William S. Peters,Sr.


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