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Momma didn’t cry


i remember momma

momma was a strong woman

and Daddy was the Apple of Her Eye

and so was i

Momma was always smiling

Momma didn’t cry


i remember when Daddy lost his job

something about cutbacks

Daddy took to drinking

and hanging out

cussing and fussing

about every little thing

momma didn’t cry


Daddy finally left

Momma kept his picture by the bed

i wished he was dead

Momma kissed him goodbye

every night

Momma didn’t cry


Then came that call

my wish came true

Daddy was killed in a bar Room Brawl

i Balled and i Brawled

and i called Daddy’s name

every night

damn that Bar Room Fight

Momma didn’t cry


Times were hard

we struggled to get along

before long we had to leave our home

we went to Daddy’s Momma’s house

there were so many rules

and the schools were different

as was the people

yes times were hard

Momma didn’t cry


Momma was working two jobs

both had something to do with her on her knees

i prayed hard every night

and i said God Please

bring my Daddy

and my Momma back home to me

i don’t think God paid attention to my pleas

from my knees

Momma prayed to


Momma didn’t cry


and then one day

Momma came home early

i asked her what was wrong

Momma began to sing

you know that song

“we shall overcome”

i didn’t want to hear it

i was still mad as hell

no damn song could quell my anger

Momma smiled


Momma didn’t cry


Grammy was always complaining

about something or other

it seemed that she blamed Momma

for Daddy’s dying

i always had an anger for Grammy

that left me crying

and Grammy knew the truth

she was just denying it


why i ask

Momma would just hold me

in her bosom and rock


Momma didn’t cry


and one day i say a piece of paper

next to Daddy’s picture

by the head

of Momma’s bed

and it was a letter from Momma

to Daddy

it said

see you soon honey

i understand

and i forgive you

i have never cried for you

because i knew

that the day would come

and we would be together again

and in my heart i was happy for that

and now that i have my ticket home

i still will not cry

unless it is for the joy

my only worry is for our girl

but she is 16 now

and i know somehow

she will understand

that life is what it is

and all the times i never cried

was because inside

i was dying of this disease


and my prayers to God

was Please

do not let our little girl see me cry

i prayed that she would be strong

so i taught her that song

“we shall overcome”


and that’s how i remember my Momma


Momma didn’t cry . . .



© 21 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.


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Comment by Bill on March 22, 2011 at 10:15am

Yes i agree . . .Women are strong . . .the foundations of Humanity . . . .

all love to you


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