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It is so tender here where you are now… unlike how you thought it would be. Feel it all. Stay embodied to the longing, to the emptiness, and to the rawness as it makes its way into your awareness. Everything is valid here. Nothing need be discarded or set aside. There are no obstacles in this environment. No matter where you look, there is only path.

You wondered if as you came more alive, you would feel less, be more detached, rest as ‘the witness,’ be neutral, brush it all off, let it all go, not care so much about this world and those around you, lest you get caught in their ‘story.’ But you are receiving a different invitation: Care for it all. Care so much it hurts. For buried within the ‘story’ are hidden particles of intelligence and of love, secret portals into lost caverns of presence.

Take the risk of allowing everything and everyone to matter. Gone are the days of holding back, ‘transcending’ your feelings, your emotions, and the raging life that is pouring through your most achy vulnerabilities. You are burning now and are longing to be naked, de-robed, and led into the bedroom of the beloved.

Enter into a union and an intimacy you only dreamed was possible. This world is one of the rare dimensions where love is alive, where the mysteries of separation and union are being presented inside your neural pathways. You have taken birth here and have come here to know this. Remove your clothing – your physical clothing, your spiritual clothing, and your conceptual clothing… and stay there.

Come inside, all the way in. Allow love to find you through your burning. Burn it all up. Burn the conceptual world away and see what remains.

 Matt Licata

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