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Homeopathy offers a variety of medications, all without side actions or contraindications . Here we have selected the most suitable for use at home in some of the most common mishaps :

blood is used to relieve the pain of traumatic origin : wounds , blows , strains , sprains , muscle pain, for example by over-exertion , etc. In those cases where there is injury, can also be used in ointment form , extending to the affected area .

It is usually used as a disinfectant , antiseptic and healing minor injuries in those where it is produced by the rupture of the tissues of the skin, but do not need stitches.

It is used in any condition that presents with swelling, redness, warmth in the affected area , congestion and fever. For example, some cases of influenza , angina , or cough , presenting with these characteristics.

Is indicated in cases of sore throat , whether it hurts at all momemto , as if only to speak or swallow. and sore .

It is useful in headaches , voice loss in the nerve , for indigestion of nervous origin, and the general state of anxiety and distress.

the remedy is more characteristic of the digestive system , so it is recommended for use in disorders overeating , poor digestion, cases of constipation , heartburn , vomiting, excess coffee , alcohol or other estimalantes and liver sbrecargas and gallbladder .

This is what is recommended in cases of diarrhea.

For conditions in which is an infectious process.


LISTING of homeopathic medicines (A LOW DILUTION ) USE OF FREQUENT

Actaea Racemic
Ignatia AMARA
Aesculus hippocastanum
Antimonium tart
Lachesis mutus
Ledum palustre
Mercurius Corrosivus
Mercurius Sol
Bryonia Alba
Muriatic acid
Calcarea fluorica
NUX Moschato
Paeonia officinalis
EUPATORIUM Perfoliatum
Urtica urens
Veratrum Album


- Angina red , fever and sweating , redness of the throat, abrupt onset and dry mucous membranes : Belladonna the sixth (6 CH ), five pellets or 10 drops every two hours , the shots spaced according to experience improvement .

Pharynx - dry and painful , dark red throat and swollen tonsils : PHYTOLACCA, The same dose as before.

" If red tonsils with white dots , presented with intense thirst for hot drinks, and coated tongue and yellow , manage Mercurius Sol 6 CH beads or drops in the same dose.

"When the aphonia was produced by a cooling due to wet weather, is used Dulcamara 6 CH 3 times daily

"When hoarseness is also produced by a cooling, but no humidity , ie with dry cold, is given CAUSTICUM 6 CH .

"The aphonia or hoarseness can be caused by a traumatic or over-exertion in his voice, for example, singers, speakers , teachers, etc . In these cases , use ARNICA 6 CH pellets, 3 times per day.

"When hoarseness is of nervous origin , can be used GELSEMIUM 6 CH

spasmodic , dry cough , for access , especially at night when lying down . It also presents with abdominal pain , relieved the pressure of the hands. In these cases , use DROSERA 6 CH .

"When dry cough appears suddenly, with dry mucous membranes , and the person is feverish and sweating profusely, it is advisable Belladonna 6 CH .

In the cases of cough with little high temperature , with congestion and pale face, and if the sputum is very important and yellow , is used FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM 6 CH .

Colds with runny nose , constant sneezing and watery soft : ALLIUM CEPA 6 CH .

"When sneezing with watery eyes are irritating, but the runny nose is soft, is used EUPHRASIA 6 CH .

"When the cold with nasal obstruction occurs as the individual is exposed to damp cold or rain , and it shows improvement in breathing warm air is used Dulcamara 5 CH .

In the cases of colds with dry and stopped up nose at night, with secretion during the day , improvement with fresh air, we recommend the use of PULSATILLA 6 CH .

"When suddenly appears in cold and shivering, feverish shakes the patient does not get hot and it is used NUX VOMICA 6 CH .

Usually it is called pharyngitis with inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa that irritates the throat. Often accompanied by cough and hoarseness .

"When there is an abundant secretion of saliva is used Mercurius sol 6 CH .

" If you get along with hoarseness , sore throat and pains in speaking will be used PHYTOLACCA 6 CH . Also be used in cases of weakly and acute pain.

It is the most common disease in the winter , and in its form depends , in general , each individual , age , activity, etc . And the type of virus. Usually accompanied by muscle and bone pain , runny nose , congestion , fever and hypersensitivity to pain and touch.

"There is an incubation period which shows a sharp and sudden fever without perspiration. The skin becomes red and there is a sense of " dying of thirst. " In these cases it is used Aconite 6 CH .

" When the flu is clear , with the same symptoms above , but with heavy sweating and congestion, is used Belladonna 6 CH .

"When the symptoms above adds a generalized aching , stuffy head and an exaggerated sensitivity to pain , along with earthquakes, was recommended GELSEMIUM 6 CH , until resolved the pain.

In the cases of sweat, thirst and pain at the slightest movement is used BRYONIA 6 CH , hourly

"When the pain occurs in the bones as if he had a tear in the joints and eyeballs, is used EUPATORIUM Perfoliatum 6 CH .

- Keep in mind that to prevent secondary complications subsequent infections usually are advised the use of homeopathic antibiotic Pyrogen 6 CH .

"In the convalescence period is used CHINA 6 CH when physical fatigue , pallor and hypotension by fluid loss. When , however , is mental fatigue and the person is feeling very tired at the slightest intellectual effort, is used Kalium PHOSPHORICUM 6 CH .

It should be clarified , first , that " antigen " is a substance that prompts the body to produce antibodies or an immunological hypersensitivity reaction . An allergy is the body's behavior modification if that body has been in contact with any substance that is capable of acting as antigen. This substance can be external or internal. If external , the allergic process is common, but when the substance is internal, meaning that it is produced by ourselves , develop autoimmune processes .

When the antigen contacts the individual, the defense system detects it and activates it , producing a release of histamine, which when the body functions normally, will be expelled by the natural ways of excretion. When histamine is accumulated and can not be expelled naturally look for other ways out . Allergic reaction is , then the way out chosen by histamine

"To help the body regulate the secretion of histamine, is used HISTAMINUM PULMINUM 6 CH . It is the general homeopathic remedy : acts on all allergic diseases such as asthma , rhinitis esposmádica , coryza , urticaria , etc.

"So much it has managed to balance the secretion of histamine , it usually indicates the use of a general drainage to assist elimination: Saponaria 6 CH , at a dose of three daily doses.

" In cases of itching , we recommend the use of Urtica urens 6 CH . It is also often used in cases of food-borne allergies , for vegetables.

"In those cases where the allergy is manifested through the skin, is used PSORINUM 6 CH , next to Pulminum Histaminum .

dilation of the veins are produced in the last roots hemorrhoidal . The swelling of these veins results in a characteristic pain in the area, and in case of breakage of the same , there is also bleeding. Both prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids , it is very important to respect the recommended diet , which, generally speaking, is to remove the pungent substances and alcohol, and increase the amount of foods rich in fiber. Hemorrhoids are related to the circulatory system as it is inflammation of the veins, and the digestive system because the overhead of the liver by inadequate diet caused by congestion of the veins connecting the liver to the intestine.

Consider offering homeopathy to help stabilize these disorders from the two points mentioned .

"The Indian chestnut , ie Aesculus hippocastanum 6 CH is recommended as the primary substance. It acts on the circulatory system, specifically helping to reduce congestion of the portal vein -hepatic (vein that connects the liver to the intestine )

"Another decongestant often used is Paeonia officinalis 6 CH . We suggest its use in both acute and chronic cases , giving very good results in cases pruritus ani, venous ulcers and severe pain after bowel movements.

"When the hemorrhoids are purple , with throbbing pain and improvement to bleed, is typically used Lachesis mutus 6 CH .

"In cases of inflammation , hemorrhoids, dark blue, and when the patient can not bear the slightest touch , it is advisable to use Muriatic acid 13 CH.

"In cases of very painful , throbbing , bleeding profusely, with improvement in the cold, or sitting on a hard seat , we recommend the use of Kalium CARBONICUM 6 CH .

"When the hemorrhoids are caused , for the most part, digestive disorders , especially those resulting from an intense lifestyle and stressful, with unhealthy foods and suddenly , alcohol abuse and snuff , and even aggressive prescription drugs , is usually advising the use of Nux Vomica 6 CH .

Varicose veins are permanent dilatation of a vein. To combat them, it is necessary to cause vasoconstriction , to promote venous return and prevent the swelling or at least alleviate it.

"To prevent stagnation of blood in the veins, as in the case of hemorrhoids, it is advisable to use Aesculus hippocastanum 6 CH . It also prevents venous congestion , relieves the heaviness of the legs and is very useful when it feels as if the veins were throbbing .

" To tone the walls of the veins is often used HAMAMELIS 6 CH , especially in case of very dilated veins , clogged and painful to touch .


Haemorrhage is bleeding from ruptured blood vessels , whether accidental or not. In these cases , the body turns on its own regulatory mechanisms to prevent blood loss threaten the internal balance or homeostasis .

" If the bleeding has been caused by trauma , may be given ARNICA 6 CH , alternately , every 10 minutes, up to 1 hour.

" After a really heavy bleeding with blood or other fluids , the symptom is usually more immediate and physical exhaustion. In these cases it is used CHINA 6 CH , commonly known as machine

The digestive system is attacked , privately , for our present way of life. Indeed , it is the most affected by feeding disorders , lack of sleep , lack of exercise, etc. .

The assimilation of nutrients and disposal of waste is being organized by the digestive system, so its proper functioning is vital for maintaining harmony in the body. As a general remedy for all digestive disorders , it is advisable to use NUX VOMICA 6 CH , together with the homeopathic substances required in each particular case .

Are the specific alterations of the stomach , which, by producing a physiological malfunction , causing diseases such as heartburn , dyspepsia , ulcers, etc .

It is a burning sensation in the stomach , as if within the same we had a fire. Usually, an antacid is ingested , which temporarily " turn it off , but then the actual mechanism for regulating the body takes its revenge , secrete even greater amounts of acid. This is known as the " rebound effect " and does not occur with the use of homeopathic substances .

"In general it is advisable at the beginning of treatment, use of Nux Vomica 6 CH before meals .

We refer to indigestion called dyspepsia, which occurs very often in everyday life. As already mentioned, generally advisable in the use of NUX VOMICA, Especially when the postprandial dyspepsia (after eating ), and accompanied by headache.

"If the dyspepsia with heartburn and worsens with sweets , normally used NITRICUM ARGENTUM 6 CH .

"If poor digestion is the nervous type , in addition to the nux vomica, commonly used GELSEMIUM 6 CH , once a day.

"When the causes of vomiting is the abuse of coffee , alcohol or other stimulants , it is advisable to use NUX VOMICA 6 CH , not only helps the detoxification, but also to eliminate the effects that the abuse occur. granules may be ingested 5 or 10 drops every 10 minutes .

"If the vomiting and nausea is constant and persistent , is often used IPECA 6 CH .

-Finally, in cases where vomiting is caused by abuse of food, is used CRUDUM ANTIMONIUM 6 CH , including 15 cells or 10 drops every 10 minutes . It is recommended in cases of indigestion and digestive poisoning .

It is the prolonged loss of fluids rectally. In some cases manifest with intestinal cramps, and possibly fever. Diarrhea is usually caused by the entrance to the body of a substance that is not biologically appropriate , to facilitate their removal by natural routes of elimination. That may be a foreign substance toxic, but it can be any microorganism. The danger that reverse these disorders is the massive loss of fluids , which can cause an imbalance to the indiscriminate output electrolyte ( an aqueous substance that breaks down into electrically charged particles ) and other necessities , such as salts , causing dehydration and even greater complications .

Therefore, when the diarrhea a body's defense mechanism for the removal of something harmful to the body , should not be lightly severed , as with allopathic medicine, because it would prevent the elimination of that substance, but must be controlled and regulated gradually , with the proper diet and homeopathy.

"When the diarrhea is caused by microbial infection , with profuse stools , severe intestinal pain , violent evacuation , dehydration, cold and generally throughout the body, it is advisable to use Veratrum Album 6 CH , 2 times a day.

"In the event that the cause is indigestion from overeating usually combine Veratrum every two hours , with ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 6 CH 2 times a day. Usually in these cases of watery diarrhea mixed with solids, and there are burps taste of the diet .

"When the stools are yellow, the diarrhea is of hepato - pool, and then suggest the use of Chelidonium 6 CH , which is a homeopathic substance specific liver and gallbladder pool.

"In cases of diarrhea caused by nervous disorders, it is advisable to use GELSEMIUM 6 CH , 2 times a day , as this will calm the agitation and nervousness.

"The diarrhea usually presents with acute pain , cramps, start and end abruptly. Is encouraged, along with Veratrum album , Colocynthis 6 CH , which will relieve cramps and spasms, three times a day.

"When the stools are accompanied by vomiting and lack of thirst, and the matter is of very variable appearance (fermented , green , frothy and sometimes even bleeding) , it is advisable IPECA 6 CH .

In the cases of diarrhea caused by a large cooling , which usually greenish stools , very high temperatures , agitation and thirst, is used Aconitum napellus 6 CH .

" As we have seen in cases of bleeding , to help recovery from the great loss of fluids, is often used CHINA 6 CH , along with specific treatment, three times a day.

Constipation is increasingly common because of the hectic and chaotic life we lead today in most cases. Stress, physical inactivity , diet changes and ways of eating, altered bowel habits regular . To be free from , the logical thing is to restore the balance of power , first by the increase in our diet of fruits and vegetables (which provide fibers), remove some fat and white flour (eat less bread ), and secondly, exercise and learn to relax and relieve stress and tension.

The indiscriminate use of laxatives

lazy ends with making the intestine,

thus worsening the situation.

" The best thing , in general , is the Nux Vomica 6 CH . The recommended dose is usually 2 times a day , once in the morning on an empty stomach and the other before going to sleep at night .

"When constipation is rebellious, and even if accompanied by spasms anal , next to the nux vomica is often used Plumbum 6 CH , alternating .

"In those cases where there are liver problems , next to the nux vomica , it is recommended intake Chelidonium 6 CH , helping the drainage and hepatic balance

One of the main functions of the liver and gallbladder, is the accumulation of waste substances which are then eliminated naturally by the body's physiological mechanisms . When elimination is not appropriate or correct , leads to alterations. The general recommended homeopathic substance is , once again , NUX VOMICA 6 CH , since as we have seen, is the best drainage .

Usually this is caused by overeating, use of preservatives , flavorings , dyes and other chemicals included in foods are not own them. The liver enzyme system is blocked , causing a toxic buildup that ends in hepatic congestion . In general , it is advisable to start with a draining , the most used Chelidonium 6 CH .

"When the disease is already declared, mentioned above, it is advisable to add PODOPHYLLUM 6 CH itself acting on the liver congested.

"At the time when the liver has completed or is about to complete the cleaning process (ie to eliminate all waste or toxic substances to the outside ) are usually advised the use of BERBERIS 6 CH , which stimulates the renal function , helping the completion of liver cleansing.

The biliary colic occurs when bile is not properly disposed of. The most common symptoms are localized pain in the vesicular zone , and sometimes extended to the scapula , the right shoulder and neck.

"To help the disappearance of the pain of colic, is usually used Chelidonium 6 CH and Hydrastis 6 CH , jointly and alternately

Is inflammation of the bladder, and may in some cases, urinary tract involvement . The most common symptoms are pain, constant urination , eliminating forever just a few drops , which produce a strong stinging. Acute cystitis usually stems from an infection, but can come at chronic, often repeated over time .

"As already noted, Cantharis 6 CH results in high concentrations, urinary tract irritation and cystitis , as prepared homoeopathic substance is recommended in cases of acute cystitis , because it acts selectively.

" Acute cystitis causes urinary retention , so that together with Cantharis, it is generally recommended the use of Mercurius Corrosivus 6 CH . Alternate both ( Cantharis and Mercury ) twice per day , each.

It's a spasm with severe pain in the lumbar region , produced, in most cases, by the passage of a calculation. The pain spreads to the genital area and inner thigh , and usually accompanied by tenesmus and a constant need to urinate .

"Usually , at first intake is recommended Colocynthis 6 CH , 10 minutes, in order to ease the pain . This homeopathic substance is used in all cases of colic pains of any kind whatever.

Although we are not accustomed to these criteria, the skin is an organ. Its function is to cover our entire body surface through contact and protect it from the outside environment . Usually , therefore , suffer various types of abuse (burns , stings , bruises, etc. . ). Before each reacts differently, thereby leading to alterations, which are simply responses. Note that there are also problems arising from internal changes , not external aggression , ie vital energy imbalances that are the way out

Is inflammation of the sebaceous glands, which originated in a fat retention . His appearance is very common in the skin of the face, neck and back. It is common during puberty due to hormonal changes .

"When the blisters oozing thick yellow discharge , it is advisable to use GRAPHITES 6 CH once a day , acting on a specific form on breakouts. May be given alternately with Thuya 6 CH , which acts by promoting drainage and reconstructing the field.

"In the event of any wounds or injuries from the vesicles, it is advisable to wash them with tincture of mother Calendula OFFICINALISBy diluting a tablespoon per pint of water .

"For all types of skin conditions such as prolonged eruptions , cracks , chilblains , eczema , etc. , it is customary to indicate PSORINUM 6 CH , 3 times a week.

manifest on the skin red patches covered with small white bumps that produce a sensation of hotness.

"Since the sensation of itching is so similar to that caused when skin comes into contact with the nettle , the most commonly used is Urtica urens 6 CH , 2 or 3 times a day.

"When is caused by insect bites , of course , be used homeopathic preparation of the bee , ie MELIPHICA APIs 6 CH , 3 times per day.

- Can also be used to relieve inflammation and pain caused by hives, mother tincture CalendulaAnd to relieve itching , talc calendula, both in the affected areas.

It is a stinging sensation that can occur in any part of the body , and encourages scratching. Its origin may be allergic, nervous, insect bites, fungus, etc .

" In general , we recommend Urtica urens 6 CH , 2 times a day, since as we saw , is what is recommended for rashes, hives , itching , rashes, etc. .

"In cases where the origin is nervous, he tends to accompany the previous Ignatia AMARA 6 CH , once a day as is recommended for nervous disorders in general.

" The scars tend to cause intense itching , which is difficult to soothe. In these cases it is used GRAPHITES 6 CH CAUSTICUM 6 CH , once a day each, alternately.

It is a skin condition , which can be acute or chronic. It manifests as redness ( erythema), blisters , crusts and scales. When the crusts are dry, and somewhat thick, and is itching, eczema talk about "dry." When accompanied by oozing secretions , aqueous and vesicular , we talked about eczema "wet . "

"Usually draining substances are recommended as the source of the eczema is usually an excess of body shots that should be eliminated. The drainage is more specific Lycopodium 6 CH , which is ingested four times a day. It acts on the liver and intestine. It may be accompanied , alternately the same amount of times a day, action by a drainage board, as Saponaria 6 CH .

"For the eczema itself, is often used GRAPHITES 6 CH , by its specific action on the skin.

"When the eczema is dry, it is advisable to add to former SULFUR 6 CH once a day.

It is a disease of the skin and / or mucous membranes caused by a virus. Usually , there are three types of herpes: I) Simplex affects the face , lips , eyelids and buccal mucosa , 2) Genital : genital and mucous membranes , and 3) herpes area: is manifested along a nerve branch .

In the cases of herpes simplex , it is advisable to use two homeopathic substances alternately , once a day each: first, RHUS TOXICODENDRON 6 CH . Secondly , it is recommended ARSENICUM ALBUM 6 CH , being a strong tonic and stimulating the body's defenses , and to calm the itching , burning and swelling.

"When skin herpes appear before, during or after the menstrual period , it is advisable Lachesis 6 CH , which can be combined with the above.

"For genital herpes , it is recommended to use together with the two basic homeopathic substances already mentioned, SEPIA OFFICINALIS 6 CH when female genital herpes , and GRAPHITES 6 CH for males .

" For its soothing , healing and antiseptic tincture can be used for CalendulaOn the affected area.

It is an infection caused by fungi of various kinds, which occurs in the skin, nails , hair, etc .

"The general homeopathic substance that is usually recommended for fungal infections is Kalium IODATUM 6 CH , once a day.

"If fungal infection is very persistent , it is advisable to add to the above PSORINUM 6 CH , also once a day.

-Finally, if the condition is accompanied by burning pain , itching , swelling and / or dry rash is usually used Arsenicum Album 6 CH , 2 times a day.

small tumors are characteristic of the skin, which are caused by a hypertrophy of the papillae (each of the elevations of the surface layer of the dermis).

"The warts are treated in homeopathy , in essence, Thuya 6 CH , once a week .

He often added to the above, once a day each and alternately , first ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 6 CH , which before its homeopathic preparation causes epithelial thickening and Cinnabaris 6.

"In those cases where the warts bleed easily, is often recommended the use of CAUSTICUM 6 CH , also once a day.

Occurs when there is an excessive amount of fat in the skin's sebaceous glands , which must be expelled

"Once again , as background homeopathic substance is generally recommended the use of Thuya OCCIDENTALIS 6 CH , 2 times per week.

-A already mentioned, you can add NATRUM MURIATICUM 6 CH once a day. Excessive intake of this compound causes oily skin, especially in areas covered with hair, so once in a homeopathic preparation reduces excess fat.

decamación is a skin, which may be accompanied by itching, and occurs usually in the scalp.

" It is recommended for disposal generally ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 6 CH , 2 times a day between meals.

" accompany them are advised Thuya 6 CH , once a week .

We refer to this, any kind of injury where breakage of the tissues of the epidermis and may , depending on the depth of the injury affect tissues.

" In general , as in any type of traumatic injury , the first is always advised to use is ARNICA 6 CH , 3 times per day , that will help the healing, as desinflamante and analgesic drugs.

-Al can be added Arnica ointment Calendula for use in topical form , which will act as an antiseptic , calming and healing.

"When the injuries were caused by inadequate exposure to heat ( eg . , burns) , to recommend that you add above APIS MELLIFICA 6 CH BELLADONNA 6 CH , 2 times daily , alternately , to promote healing

They are the marks left in the tissues after healing of a wound or sore.

"When the scar is painful , we recommend the use of HYPERICUM 6 CH 2 times per day, with CAUSTICUM 6 CH , including two times a day , alternately .

"If the healing and / or regeneration of tissues is difficult , it is advisable to use ARNICA 6 CH 3 times a day.

"When it comes to keloid scars ( fibrous formation , dense and very hard ), we recommend the use of GRAPHITES 6 CH CAUSTICUM 6 CH , once a day each, alternately , with Silica 6 CH , 3 times a week.

Of course , we do not , from any point of view, that pregnancy constitutes a pathological process. What we must bear in mind is that , during pregnancy , the body is forced to confront a series of profound changes , so you need extra energy intake , and in some cases , solve problems caused by passengers above changes, which are not only physical but also psychological and feeding .

Given the fact that house and developing a new life in the womb is one of the most wonderful phenomena of nature, it is now more than ever , we must act in the same way that nature determinesAnd not against it , as does allopathy.

We all agree on the importance of not ingesting drugs in this period, the potential impact on the development of the embryo. This care relate specifically and exclusively on allopathic medicines, consisting of chemicals, which can even become toxic to the baby. The homeopathic substances , however , have no chemical action .

"It's very common, between the first and third month of pregnancy , the presence of nausea and vomiting , especially in the morning. In these cases we recommend the use of IPECA 6 CH , once a day.

"Another of the typical problems of pregnancy , are the veins : Varicose veins usually occur , or, and if any , increase. In these cases, usually indicates the use of HAMAMELIS 6 CH and / or Aesculus Hippocastanum 6 CH .

"Both homeopathic substances mentioned in the previous section, are also recommended in the case of hemorrhoids . In both situations, can also be applied locally OINTMENT : Aesculus , and Hamamelis for varicose veins , and Paeonia for hemorrhoids.

" It often occurs during pregnancy a state of anxiety or depression, for which usually advised GELSEMIUM 6 CH , once a day.

"If any agitation or nervousness, to gelsemium are commonly added Ignatia 6 CH 3 times a week.

"Another fairly common disorder is constipation , which occurs by the pressure exerted by the embryo or the baby on the intestine . prevent and is usually relieved by eating Nux Vomica CH June , after the main meals.

" The weight exerted by the embryo or the baby ( on the bladder) , can also cause urinary incontinence. In these cases, usually indicates MURIATICUM NATRUM 6 CH , once a day, and Berberis vulgaris 6 CH , twice-daily .

" During the week prior to delivery, we recommend making Actaea Racemic 6 CH , every other day. Actaea facilitates the expansion by acting on the cervix , and helps the child fall .

- Also during the week preceding the due date , there should be ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH , once daily , to decrease blood loss , pain and possible subsequent psychological trauma .

"As mentioned elsewhere CHINA 6 CH is what is usually recommended to overcome the great loss of fluids, and that this leads to depletion . Normally , the recommended daily intake for 3 days prior to delivery, and 3 later.

-Finally , you can use again ARNICA 6 CH after childbirth , to help heal , to recover the lost tissues and relieve pain. We recommend a daily intake for 15 days.

The vulva is the outer area of the female genitalia and the vagina is the canal that extends from it to the uterus. Many conditions associated with these bodies , so we talk of the most common:

As its name implies, is itching in the area of the vulva. Its origins are very diverse : from parasites , fungi , allergies , infections, etc. . , to emotional or nervous disorders .

" Whatever its origin , it is usually recommended URTICA Urens 6 CH , as nettle, prepared homoeopathic , is recommended for all types of itching. We recommend that the intake is twice a day.

"When the source is nervous, it is generally recommended Ignatia 6 CH 3 times per week, plus Urtica . , as it has calming action on the nervous system.

"It should strengthen its efforts with washes genitals with soap CalendulaOr Calendula tincture diluted in a ratio of one part of three water dyeing .

The female fertility cycle is done , among other reasons , for the production of different types of hormones characteristics. The gradual decrease of these hormones carry physical and psychological disorders . Common examples as to the physical are , in principle, irregularity of menstrual periods , hot flashes usually appear after , elevated blood pressure, vulvar pruritus , etc. As for the psychic, often appear to treat depression, irritability , impaired libido, etc .

"During the first period of menopause , ie when the disorder is the irregularity of menstruation, are often advised to use Lachesis mutus 6 CH , once a week , which acts on all the symptoms, both physical and mental . Usually completes action GELSEMIUM 6 CH , twice a week , acting as a calming nervous.

"In case of feeling " hot flashes ( hot flushes) , usually given Sanguinaria 6 CH once daily , with Lachesis 6 CH , 3 times a week.

"As for the mental, emotional disorders or depression may be indicated AMARA IGNATIA 6 CH twice a week , and also Lachesis in the same way.

" It is very common in this period , women may experience headaches , caused usually by blood congestion . Normally used then GELSEMIUM 6 CH , once a day.

The origin of these is sometimes simply by the passage of time , sometimes due to practice incorrectly, sports and / or physical activities. In all cases , it is recommended as background homeopathic substance , the use of ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH .

It consists in inflammation of the joints. When not properly treated , can lead to more serious conditions such as osteoarthritis. In most cases , inflammation of the involved joint and extends to the whole structure surrounding the joint.

"As mentioned , it usually indicates mainly ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH , 2 times per day.

"In those cases where the pain lessens with movement, along with Arnica is recommended , usually , use twice a day, RHUS TOXICODENDRON 6 CH , for this homeopathic substance it focuses on the joints swollen, sore and hot , as well as the numbness.

" But if the pain increases with movement, it is advisable Bryon ALBA 6 CH , including 2 times per day. It is recommended for the stabbing pains , tearing of muscles , as well as for rheumatic pains, and swelling of the joints.

"As for the bones, and to help in their recovery, is used as Symphytum 6 CH , once a day, which, among other things, help the calcium binding .

Are injuries to the ligaments of the joints. Usually not serious , but annoying and painful. Recovery is quick , but if it is incorrect , the area is weak, thus running the risk of returning.

"Again , what is generally recommended in these cases is , at first instance, ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH , 4 times a day for the day when the injury occurred , and twice daily the following days.

"For the joint inflammation of the tendons and ligaments, is used almost always Symphytum 6 CH , once a day.

"If it becomes necessary a muscle relaxant, usually indicated Cuprum 6 CH , administered twice daily.

It is an abnormal change in the position of two bones that make up a joint.

" As in the case of sprains, are advised to take , immediately ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH , 4 times the first day, and two subsequent ones.

- To decrease inflammation and pain, can be added to Arnica RHUS TOXICODENDRON 6 CH , twice a day.

We include under this title to all the ailments of the muscles caused by misuse : work overload ( soreness ), inadequate warm-up routine athletes ( muscle strain ), or simply lack of muscle relaxation , resulting in contractures , cramps, muscle tears and fatigue .

This name is given to the pain of certain muscles that are not accustomed to frequent activity , and suddenly they exercise too much, with an inadequate demand . With any movement of that muscle or muscle group is causing pain.

"Again , at first instance are recommended for use ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH , taking after the previous day which will produce the effort, and an outlet when you have already made physical activity, and has appeared pain. If this be not enough , you are advised to continue taking Arnica 2 times per day until the problem disappears.

" Sometimes when the pain is severe, is usually added RHUS TOXICODENDRON 6 CH , ingesting it once after exercise, and 3 times the next day, and acting on the numbness , pain, tingling , etc.

Excessive stress is a muscle, and can cause small lesions.

. As in previous cases , which is usually indicated ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH , take place after the pull , and twice daily 5 days thereafter.

A large muscle activity can sometimes lead to strong and painful contractions of muscles or tendons.

As in all previous cases, the first thing is usually advised ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH , especially when the cramp is caused in muscle fatigue . We suggest taking it once or twice .

"During the contraction itself , it is suggested to manage Cuprum 6 CH , at intervals of 10 minutes , until the pain subsides.

They are small lesions in the muscle fibers , caused by a strain so intense.

"Again , in these cases , we suggest the use of ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH , 2 or 3 times after the tear, and twice daily on subsequent days until the pain goes away.

-Al Arnica can be added BRYONIA 6 CH , 3 times the day the injury occurred , and twice- daily for 5 days , alternated with Arnica ; act on the painful numbness and shooting pains, stinging and tearing

Is the depletion of a muscle group , which originated in an excessive effort .

"Like most of the cases already mentioned , is often used ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH , intake occurred after the effort and making the next day. If this is not enough , you are advised to continue with the Arnica for 4 days.

" This can be accomplished with TOXICODENDRON RHUS CH June , after the end of the year , two more shots the same day, then once daily for 5 days.

These conditions usually are characteristic of older people , by the tissue damage caused as a result of the years. One of the most common conditions , and affects more people , it is rheumatism.

Occurs , usually as a result of inflammation of the connective tissue of any part of the body. Begin , therefore , an inflammation of tissue in the joint. If it holds, or is repeated frequently , the soft tissue of the area is degenerating , becoming an almost irreversible situation .

Allopathic medicine recommended in these cases the use of NSAIDS , which cut the process initiated by the body naturally , preventing at the same body, balance the situation changed. Your continued use of inflammatory, finally, inactivates physiological defensive reactions , and the disease develops and chronic.

AGENCY OF collaborated with the Defense System
Of our own bodies .

Therefore, all the inflammatory process will be accelerated , only to disappear as quickly as if it had been removed , but with the difference that will disappear as the abnormality that prompted the process.

"In those cases in which joint inflammation is chronic, it is generally recommended Urtica urens 6 CH , twice-daily .

"When the origin of rheumatism was a trauma , it is suggested ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH , 2 times a day.

"When the condition worsens with movement, usually indicated BRYONIA 6 CH , 2 times per day.

"When , in contrast to the previous point , the discomfort and / or pain improves with movement , it is usual TOXICODENDRON RHUS 6 CH , also twice a day.

"It's very common discomforts of rheumatism worse in damp weather . In these cases, it usually indicates Dulcamara 6 CH , including two times a day.

It is called so to inflammation of the tendons , and may be caused by a muscle strain or rheumatism.

"When the tendinitis was caused by muscular exertion , is often suggested ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH hardly exists , according to two times a day until improvement occurs

"To the above can be added RHUS TOXICODENDRON 6 CH , alternated with Arnica , and 2 times daily.

Within this type of disease , there are three that are the most common fractures, osteitis and osteoporosis

"Usually follows, ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH from the time of the fracture until the bone is perfectly soldier , once daily for 1 week. Symphytum 6 CH is advisable also from the time of injury (to help the welding of the bone) , 2 times a day , resting three days each July . This can be strengthened Calcarea fluorica 6 CH , 2 times a day to promote bone nutrition , and therefore healing.

In cases of trauma intensive , usually occurs an inflammation of the bone surface , which is called " osteitis " .

"As in the previous case , is often used Symphytum 6 CH ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH 2 times a day, while local applications of Arnica ointment . You can add a weekly dose for 2 weeks, Pyrogen 6 CH , to prevent infection .

When calcium lost bone structure , bone mass decreases, and osteoporosis occurs , resulting in weak bones.

"For the fixation of calcium commonly indicated Calcarea fluorica 6 CH twice a day. Moreover, this is frequently supplemented with CARBONICA CALCAREA 6 CH , in one take daily to prevent possible fractures.

thus called lesions in tissue structures due to strong impact . It can manifest itself externally , but can also be internal only .

"When has occurred only once ( as quickly as possible), are recommended for ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH , 3 or 4 times, every 10 minutes, and 4 or 5 times on that day. 10 days , is often continue the Arnica 1 time daily .

"On the other hand, if the stroke has affected soft tissues , it is customary to indicate Ledum palustre 6 CH , 2 times per day. If, however , the trauma has occurred in a bone , it is advisable Symphytum 6 CH , including 2 times per day.

Is identified as a state of oppression, with a sense of danger , accompanied primarily vegetative symptoms .

" It is customary to advise, first, GELSEMIUM 6 CH , 2 times per day , due to its effects on anxiety. On the other hand, the Gelsemium works for the individual to feel confident again in himself and security, and helps to rebalance the psychosomatic problems caused by the situation.

"When the state of anxiety is followed by anxiety and fatigue, is usually indicated add Arsenicum Album 6 CH , once a day.

"If there is anxiety in women who are living the period of menopause, it is customary to add at Gelsemium AMARA IGNATIA 6 CH , once daily .

The main feature of this state is the hyperactivity , since their origin is , in general , stimulation of bodily functions . Also often accompanied by anxiety , fatigue and a heightened sensitivity .

Often, the cause of nervousness is simply the excitement of everyday life, combined with excess alcohol , coffee, tea.

-AMARA IGNATIA 6 CH is commonly recommended, three times a day , being a calming of the nervous system , and for acting on emotional disorders

"When the state of excitement and nervousness causes insomnia or sleeping problems , are advised VALERIAN 6 CH , every day , an hour before going to sleep at night .

"If the disturbance occurs in women before or during the menstrual period, is usually recommended , Actaea racemosa 6 CH , in once-daily , beginning one week before the onset of menstruation.

"It's very common that this state occurs in students before an exam, or, eg . , in adults before an important interview . In these cases, is often suggested GELSEMIUM 6 CH , 2 times a day starting three days before the test , and the last shot before it is made . To avoid fatigue and failure of memory can be added PHOSPHORICUM ACIDUM 6 CH 2 times per day from five days earlier.

Are headaches , which almost always affect a part of it , not its entirety. Usually occur periodically and suddenly. As in the case of pain , once calmed , we refer to its origin, to solve the problem permanently .

"As a general homeopathic preparation , it is customary to advise the use of GELSEMIUM 6 CH , each 10 minutes in acute cases. It is customary for the third or fourth take the pain goes away , as a general calming very powerful. It is also often used in cases where the headache is preceded by visual disturbances .

"If the cause of headache is of digestive problems, and appears after large meals and heavy , it is customary to use IRIS VERSlCOLOR CH 6 ½ hours after meals , because it acts in the frontal headache, the pain which focus on the right temple, and in the eye . It can also be accompanied by Chelidonium 6 CH , take evening and another the next day, it will help to decongest the liver and gallbladder.

"If the headache occurs during the period of menstruation , it is recommended , usually CYCLAMEN 6 CH Kreosote 6 CH , once a day each, alternately.

" A very common cause of headaches is prolonged sun exposure , or excessive heat. In these cases, is often used NATRUM MURIATICUM 6 CH , once a day, serving , especially in cases where the headache is accompanied by great attraction to the salt and an unquenchable thirst .

"As we have seen, if the pain is caused by a blow or trauma, is more usable ARNICA MONTANA 6 CH , 2 times a day.

"In those cases where the headache is a brutal appearance , with throbbing pain , mydriasis , photophobia , and is compounded by the noise and shock, is often used Belladonna 6 CH , 3 pellets every 30 or 40 minutes, until you notice improvement.

"When the headache is the result , especially students, mental fatigue and exhaustion , it is customary to recommend Kalium PHOSPHORICUM 6 CH , 2 times a day.

This name is the pain produced in the lower back, by irritation of the nerves in that area. It is usually a sharp pain . When given in a diligent , can cause what is commonly called " sciatica. "

"For back pain , it is customary to recommend the use of BRYONIA 6 CH , once a day for the stabbing and stiffness, alternating with RHUS TOXICODENDRON 6 CH , also once a day, which act on the pain itself.

It is the picture of pain that occurs when the sciatic nerve irritation . It may interfere in the movement and sensation in the legs.

"As a leading homeopathic preparation is advisable to use , as in case of lumbago, the BRYONIA 6 CH TOXICODENDRON RHUS 6 CH , in two daily doses each. It is frequently supplemented by Colocynthis 6 CH , 4 times per day.

" Given the substantial decrease in memory, first, we recommend the use of Kalium BROMATUM 6 CH , 2 times a day, and Baryta 6 CH once a day.

"In those cases in which memory loss is caused by overexertion intellectuals ( eg . , the students ) is usually recommended for use Phosphoric acid 6 CH , 3 times per day.

It is the constant feeling of sleep, or not having slept enough, although it had been done. First, observe if the feeling referred to is not due , really , lack of rest.

"In these cases, it is generally recommended the use of two homeopathic preparations , alternately , and twice per day each: NUX Moschato 6 CH , acting on sleepiness , especially in people with constant need for sleep, and which arises after eating, and Antimonium tart 6 CH , which covers any kind of drowsiness.

Canker sores occur in the lining of the mouth, and they are small, ulcerated wounds . Usually appear as a result of other ailments.

"The general homeopathic preparation , usually referred to , is the BORAX 6 CH , twice a day, because its action is centered on the mouth and gums.

-A already mentioned, can be added Sulphuric acid 6 CH , once daily , with canker in a specific way , and bleeding gums.

"To help the healing , or are aggregated swish mouthwash solution Calendula.

In general , the appearance of teeth in infants, accompanied by various kinds of discomfort , such as restlessness, anxiety, irritability, sore gums , etc.

" It is generally recommended CHAMOMILLA 6 CH , twice a day. This preparation acts on the mouth pain , soothes the stitches in the jaw , and regulate salivation. In those cases in which the excitability is very strong , you can use up to 4 times a day. In acute cases, when pain increases irritability and increasingly, you can eat three pellets every half hour.

The movement of vehicles often cause uncomfortable sensations such as dizziness, nausea , vomiting , etc.

"An hour before the journey, is advised to take Cocculus 6 CH , and repeat the dose before leaving, and acting on nausea and vomiting and dizziness and vertigo caused by the travel.

-A already mentioned, can be added IPECA

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Very very Useful. And truly effective too ..............homeopathy ................. narinder speaks from personal experience since 1968 , when Rhus Tox totally cured Rheumetism that allopathy could not !

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