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Imaginal Spheres*
by David Sparenberg

That which you love continues with you: patterns and the calligraphies of love continue from life to life.  From this process comes the shaping of your Heaven, the creating out of correspondence of an imaginal sphere.

No soul can move beyond itself.  When a soul seems to move beyond it is because unconsciously the soul has already grown to the potencies and dimensions of the next condition.  But the newness has not become wholly familiar, has not yet peaked into consciousness and become integral.

That which you fear, either from the pit inside you or the sinkholes of the world you plunge into, which festers into spiritual boils and thorny hatreds; what you fixate on darkly and nurture in your intimate dis-ease; that continues likewise by affinities.

On both sides, the dynamic is the same: like responds to like.

On one side, out of sweetness, your yes-bliss, which is both person and your internal culture and your ecstasy with nature, you are making Heaven; Heaven here on Earth, and in the near-distant worlds hereafter.  On the other side, from bitterness and rage of the demon of terror—and terror is a common temptation for humankind—you populate the confines of your Hell.

Everything that awaits you, you prepare and is, either by eclipse or enlightenment of soul: either by blindness before the actual or liberation of perception as far as the imaginal.  Eclipse is brought on by betrayal, enlightenment emerges out of diligent sacrifice and searching; liberation out of struggle.  All that is and will be; of the remembering-person of you; is decided by the seeing of your soul.

Look into the new day morning.  Look into the cosmic depths of night.  Look into self: into shuddering and shining.  Into the suffering, the ebb, the flow, the joy of creation.  What do you see?  What vision bears your handprint and your footprint, your indelible prayer and your immortal signature?

All that is and will be; that is of you, your passage and your belonging; in the here and now of living Earth, in the hereafter of life to come; comes shaped and guided by the choices you are making.

Examine the choices you are making.

*The Imaginal, beyond mere human imagination, is synonymous with the Creative Imagination, a subtle organic plasticity emanating from God the Creator, out of which souls emerge and into which souls return, impacting not from the what but of the who of life’s sojourn on Earth.  This who quality is often referred to as “hidden treasure.”

In the Imaginal, a soul’s purity or memory-wealth awakens as the White Shadow of Freedom.  White Shadow Freedom is the ultimate cosmic service.  It is White Shadow Freedom which increases co-creative joy, and there is the key to comprehensive liberation.

David Sparenberg 5 July 2016

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