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in voice


there are no words

i could ever voice

through my pen

or my imaginings

that could ever express

the unending vastness

of love i have for you


in my thoughts

as you dance and linger

there is a song of light

awakening this hunger

this hunger i have to be enjoined

once again


it is not a pain

i can explain

nor a need i can feed

to make it cease


so i lie in my solitude

and embrace the visions

of this lovely wandering

upon the path

of this spiraling bliss

which ushers forth my



i hear a calling

that of your endlessness

your beauty

your Goddess-ness

and like that of the Ocean

there is a quality you always impart

in spite of the Storms of my life

a quality that is

calm and serene

enchanting me to the beyond

as you preen my countenance

with your Aquamarine lustre

and color


and i lay here

upon this beach

of my quiet stillness

in absence of wasted movements



that day

when your passions

and mine entangle

with an urgent fervency

upon the shores

of our consciousness

and your thoughts become mine

and mine yours


i now can feel your tides

caressing me

overwhelming me

consuming me


and all that i know

of thy love

is but like a grain of sand

upon all the beaches of my dreams


and the voices of the muses

no longer scorn me

for they have warned me

that you are so much more

that i can ever fathom


and your gentle resonance of grace

that abides in my soul

is beyond my embrace of understanding

yet deep within the core of me

i am demanding

to touch that place

to see that face

that i have always longed to kiss

and those lips

that speak of our eternities

and  our never ending bliss


and though this vision

is exclusively that of my own

the reality reclusively eludes me

yet i reach anyway


and though there are no words

i can say



not now

not when

and not then

when we were in heaven

together . . .


i shall always think of your light

and your walk

your touch

and the soft sweet whispering

of your languid voice

as it caresses my dreams

into the potential

that i live for


i shall incessantly implore

my Father

my God

to open that door

that i may speak your name

once again

and let your melody

dance from my soul

to my tongue

and crest the threshold of my lips

with a sweetness

only found

in voice



© 27 May 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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Comment by Bill on May 28, 2011 at 2:59pm

thank you Dear Eva




Comment by Eva Libre on May 28, 2011 at 1:38pm
merci Bill

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