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Holy Spirit through Regina Dawn Akers – Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament


Judgement is the tool of illusion, and judgement was first used against an idea and against yourself.

From that, judgement seemed to spread with illusion, but since all illusion is within the mind, judgement could not spread anyplace else.

Whenever you seem to judge anything, any situation or any person that seems external to yourself, you are judging an illusion of thoughts and ideas within the mind.

Therefore you are continually judging yourself.

Since judgment is the building block of illusion, applying false meaning and making illusion real, judgement of yourself does this to you:

It hides your truth and presents an illusion of you that isn’t true.

Each time you seem to judge someone or something, you are judging thoughts in your mind, thereby judging yourself.

In believing your judgements, you believe you are what you are not.

This is how your illusory self is made and upheld.

To know your Self, which is your true desire, you must lay judgement aside.

Remember that everything you experience, every person, every place and circumstance, is a thought within the mind of you.

And each judgement keeps the veil of illusion alive, which hides You from you.

Also remember that nothing is as it seems.

It is within the mind of you, thought up by you, for the purpose of having an experience.

In that way, the only judgement that can be applied is that it is what it is.

The experience is the experience it was made to be.

It is the perfect reflection of a wish.

It is everything you asked to see.

In this way, you may be grateful for everything you have made.

You asked a question, and you have discovered the answer.

In itself, the answer to the question is perfect.

Rejoice when you look on the world, for it is the answer to the question you asked.

And now you have your answer.

You need not ask the question anymore.

You need no longer be puzzled.

You need not judge and apply meaning to the meaningless.

You may put your curiosity to rest.

You do not want Love different than it is, for as it is, is Love, and Love is all you truly want.

And now you see.

Now you may let go of your attachment to illusion.

You may let go of expression of self-will.

You may surrender any hidden wish to see differently.

The answer that you asked for has been given.

Be grateful for the answer.

Surrender to it for what it is.

It is not what you want.

It is only what you wanted to see.

And now that you’ve seen it, its purpose is done.

Now that your attachment is released and your question has been answered, you can let go of the illusion you do not need.

That is what you are doing now, you are letting go of what you no longer have purpose for.

Letting go of illusion is a glorious occasion.

Celebrate that you lesson has been learned!

As illusion presents itself within the mind that you are, smile at it, remembering the purpose that it had.

And let it pass, by realising it has no purpose for you.

You do not want what you thought you might want.

You want all God has given you instead.

When the illusion seems real within the mind that you are, do not fear your experience.

Remember that its “reality” is a statement of your truth, and rejoice that you are reclaiming your truth again.

In knowing your Self, you know Love without division.

For the wholeness of Love is the wholeness and fullness of you.

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