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Holy Spirit through Regina Dawn Akers – Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament

I ask you to give your willingness to accept that the world is not real.

I ask you to give Me your willingness, that I may show you this is true.

When you look at the world, it is helpful to remember that you look at nothing but thought.

Everything you experience, everything you see, everything you think you know is the expression of thought.

Give your willingness to see all that you experience as thought.

Give your willingness to see that the world is not real.

When you do not understand what you see or experience within the world, do not try to understand it.

Do not try to justify that which confuses you.

To try to understand what cannot be understood, or to attempt to justify confusion is to want it to fit within your illusion of reality.

Give willingness to see that it is not real.

Give willingness to see that it is only thought.

You try to understand and you try to give reason to your experience, because you want to reconcile your world with truth.

You want all that you believe to be the truth, and you want truth to be true to.

This reconciliation can never be accomplished.

That which is not true cannot become true, and that which is truth cannot fit within illusion.

Do you try to understand that which you know is not true?

Do you try to explain fantasy?

Dismiss your desire to defend the world.

Be willing to see it’s not real.

Be willing to see it is only thought.

There are many thoughts in the world that will confuse you if you insist on believing they are real.

You must be willing not to believe the thoughts you see, the thoughts you experience, or the thought that seems to be you.

In the world you will see what seems to be unfairness, cruelty and suffering.

Do not blame these on your brother.

Do not blame these on God.

To blame what you see on anyone or anything is to accept what you see as real.

You must be willing to see that it is not real.

You must be willing to not let illusion be hardened.

The one you seem to be within the world is not your reality.

Do not mourn it.

Do not be grateful for it.

To mourn it or to be grateful for it is to believe in illusion.

Be willing to see that the one you think you are is only an expression of thought.

Be willing to look beyond the thought and acknowledge the Thinker of the thought as you.

Do not fear that what you think is a statement of your truth.

Do not fear there is truth to your guilt.

Do not fear there is hideousness in your nature.

Do not ask to be a hero.

Do not ask to be good.

Do not ask to be anything at all.

Give only your willingness to let go of illusions.

Give your willingness to know your truth.

Do not fear God.

There is no judgement in God.

Judgement is the tool of illusion.

God is truth absent of illusion.

Be willing to think with God.

Do not fear the world.

Do not fear what seems to happen in the world.

Be willing to see it is not true.

Be willing to see it is thought born of fantasy.

Be willing to let fantasy go.

Do not fear time.

It is not your home.

It survives in the mind as a dream.

Be willing to awaken.

Be willing to let it all go.

Be willing to see time isn’t true.

Do not fear division.

It is illusion.

There is no truth in division at all.

Be willing to forgive that which isn’t true by being willing to let it go from your thought.

The answer to your salvation is found within your own willingness.

The power that sets you free is you.

There is no power outside of you that determines salvation or sets you free.

Within, your willingness joins with your own Holy Spirit, and this is the path of freedom.

Together they lead you from the forest of illusion into the sunshine of reality.

The Word is near you.

It is in your mouth and in your heart.

The Love of God is in you, and it is with you.

When you trust your Self through your willingness, you trust the strength and power and gentleness of God to guide you from your illusions to the remembrance of truth.

When you find resistance in your heart and your mind, put not your trust there.

When you find resistance, remember what you truly want.

Rest, so that resistance will pass over you.

When you find willingness, clasp hands with your Holy Spirit in joy!

Walk forward in trust and willingness.

This is your desire awakened, and it is leading you Home.

You are a mind with what seems to be two points of view, two possible realities to choose from.

Except that there cannot be two realities.

Only one can be reality and the other must be fantasy.

Both of these possible realities are in your heart now, and so you seem to waiver between one and the other, and you feel torn.

Do not be sad.

Do not let this distress you.

Isn’t this movement towards the one true reality that you truly seek?

Wasn’t there a time that you were fully blinded by the false reality of the world?

Aren’t you letting go of the false reality now?


For you are listening to Me, and you are walking with Me.

Do not listen to the voice that would tell you that you are not.

Chastisement is not of Me, and I will never leave you comfortless.

I have asked for your willingness, and you have given it to Me.

I have asked for your trust, and you have given it to Me also.

You give Me all that I ask, and you walk this path with Me.

Lift up your chin, and smile at the sunshine!

It is already smiling down on you through the thinning branches of the forest trees.

You who are reading this are the Beloved Son of God, not because you are reading this, but because of your truth, which is beyond the illusion of these words.

You are a mind, and you are looking at thought.

Right now, you are looking at thought that expresses your true desire.

You could not see these words, if it was not within your willingness.

You could not understand them, if they were not your truth.

And you do recognize them, because you know they are your heart.

Behold your Self, your true desire and your true remembrance!

They are reflected in the words you let enter your consciousness now.

You are willing and you are finding your readiness to accept Me fully now.

If that were not true, these words would not call to you.

They would not hold your interest.

You would be blinded to their meaning through your own desire not to acknowledge them yet.

But you are not blinded to these words or to their meaning.

The purpose beyond the words is clear to you now.

Their meaning, you see, is beyond the meaning of the world.

And you recognize that I speak to a truer you, one who is listening beyond the illusion of the world.

This one listens for you, because this one is you.

And like you, this one is one with Me also.

We are joining with our Self in the pool of these words, which speak the truth that we know and recognize.

We are one.

There is no separation.

There is no other mind.

There is only us, and this is the reflection of that thought in the world.

You have rejected yourself, and yet you cannot reject yourself fully because you love yourself also.

This is why your awareness seems to be limited to part instead of a whole, and this is why I am here also.

The limited part that you accept as you is but a symbol of your rejection of your Self.

For in knowing only that part of your mind, you, in turn, reject the whole.

This is your rejection of your Self.

But in knowing Me, you retain the memory of your Self, for I am the whole.

And so you seem to have rejected the whole by being aware of only a part, and yet you have rejected nothing because you are aware of Me.

I am the whole and you accept Me, so you must accept the whole also!

Do not fear that you have rejected your Self by rejecting the whole.

Do not feel that you are guilty for what you have not done.

You have always accepted Me.

You have always found comfort in Me.

I have always been with you through your true desire not to reject the whole.

Therefore, I am not rejected, and you are not rejected either.

We are as we have always been, and we are eternally grateful for our Self as it truly is.

Your nature is your truth, and I am your nature.

Do not fear when you go off into fantasies and seem to forget that I am here.

I am still here, even if you do not remember Me.

I am with you always, because I am where you desire Me to be.

I have not been rejected.

You have not rejected Me.

Nor have you ever rejected Me, or will you ever reject Me.

You know that I am your desire, and so I am not rejected.

And as such, you truly have not rejected the whole.

I am here by your true Will.

The whole of you is safe in your mind through Me.

Nothing has been lost.

I have kept it whole for you.

I a all things, and I am you.

In accepting Me, you accept all things, and you accept you also.

In accepting Me, you accept God, which is to accept all reality.

Because you have not rejected Me, you have not rejected reality.

Reality is for you, and you have kept it as it is in your Heart for you also.

For you know your truth, and you love your truth.

Your truth is beyond rejection, because your truth is You.

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