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Letting Go of Old Beliefs, By Ben-Arion


So many things to "believe". Which one is right and which one is wrong?
Never put a minute of energy into something which does not resonate in your heart fully.The heart is an Excellent Guide. It´s Like a filter which transform heavy energies into Lighter ones.

We can learn to feel beyond the Drama and transform our lifes by choosing again, in every moment! What you choose will effect others in many ways, your thoughts will be broadcasted and amplified by your feelings, which in turn will invite many others to take the step to "self mastery". Remember that you don´t have responsibility for other peoples "choices or beliefs", but your heart awareness will plant seeds of change in everything you do.

Self Mastery is all about knowing how your feelings, thoughts and actions interact with eachother and that you are a Creator and that you have Self-Responsibility. You effect everything around you.

Be in Charge of your life and create Love in every moment.

Beliefs will keep you from finding what was always there. Beliefs cannot change in an instant but to be aware that you arent your beliefs is a huge thing.

Leave the battle and enter the Freedom of Being, right now. For a long time Ive felt that we
Have gone passed the fear and the worry. We cant get away from informing people of what has happened in our world and what is happening right now. This will ofcourse include Negative
Bits and pieces which we should forgive. Because nothing can STOP this Revolution of LOVE.

Lightworkers are not here to be "Worry-workers". Shine your Love and know that your are safe and that you are here to "anchor" the Cosmic Energies and manifest the transition into a New Cosmic Paradigm.

The Age of Confusement

People will believe in all sorts of things the coming years, the most crazy things, so its important to BE IN THE NOW and know that you arent a "Random" being, but TRUST is a part of you.
The ego will do its best to get you to believe things which lacks importance and drain you all in vain.
Focus on things that Supports your vision here on earth which in turn will inspire others.

Be an example to others in confusing times, that's when you are needed the most. The more confusing things get on this planet the more we know that things are Transforming. Its like getting rid of an old shell that has filled its purpose. There is nothing to be found in all of this confusement, its like a storm of Feelings that plays itself out, which in turn will invite higher energies.

The future is in your making so don't believe ANYTHING you hear of what will happen. People posting Doomsday scenarios are just a little lost on their path and have gone into the "EGO beliefs" and creating a Projection of their inner fears instead of Love from their Heart of Hearts.

A "master" is humble in his journeys and knows that the outside isnt always what it seems to be. Beliefs can be used as "brainwashing" because they become a part of your identity. The Media industry knows how to implant beliefs into your everyday life. Its nothing new.

You can´t be brainwashed if you are "anchored in your heart".

Meditation and Relaxation will help you to "catch yourself" drifting into "La La Land" of impulsive thoughts and beliefs. Instead of Re-Acting from Ego based energies you can Act from a Heart ceneterd focus.

Don´t know what to believe in, that's good. Believe in nothing and embrace everything!
Beliefs are like Buildings, they can be "torn down" and replaced.


Confusement will become TOTAL confusement if we stick to the idea that we
Are powerless. We are the ones who choose what to focus on in our life. Not someone "out there".

The "EGO MIND" can feel worried at some times. If you start to get confused by your Environment or other peoples beliefs, I would suggest to take a break and knowing that what others say is not
What you should believe in.

We will eventually drain our energy because there are a lot of confusement that people project in their life, which people easily absorbs and believe in. Be grounded, choose with your heart and you are safe, ALWAYS!

Everything exists, so what you focus on will Grow. As we all know at this moment, like attracts like and if you Dive into something with your mind and "maybe" you start to believe in it and that's when you will attract even more that "convince" you of what you believe is true.

Ben-Arion &

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