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Matlab, Maksad aur Manzil Hasil karna hi har Mazhab Ka Dharam Hai.

786 is ISLAM's most coveted TANDEM with the verses in IT!
786 IS number of electrons in an atom of Nitrogen, Oxygen & Carbon... in the same order as abundance or availability on this PLANET., The Primary constituents of the air we breathe & food we eat. Think again... who is our enemy.
No wonder the Astronaut who landed on the MOON—which mission..i dont know—said he heard AZAN on the moon & he embraced ISLAM on Return! FYI
Chat Conversation End!

Bhakti or unidirectional love is the epitome of unconditional surrender & hence lies in being powerless & benign. Bhakti is devotion to the moment and all that makes it. Using power is the ego’s way of getting its will done while love is doing the other’s bidding and sooner or later the same courtesy returns karmically maybe thru someone else.

Religion is a spacetime capsule of Individual Wisdom for Collective Conscience based on experience and testimonies of an individual’s spiritual journey undertaken after the efficacy or capacity for producing a desired result, of the prevalent social fabric & belief system failed to deliver. In my case I proceeded from science to spirituality to science in spirituality & now I know the science of spirituality as my cherished self image and thought construct of reality.

Mahavir was not a Jain… His individual journey was the result of his enquiry for the reason of Stark Inequalities & hence lead to an Enterprising Jain community to overcome material dearth.

Buddha was not a Buddhist…. His individual quest was to find solace from the grief of impending old age, sickness and death & hence lead open minded Buddhist community free of social dogmas.

Jesus was not a Christian… His sole endeavor was to know his Father who was anunknown and hence the spirit of Christianity based on Enquiry & proof.

Mohammad was not a Muslim…. His passion was to see a united prospering humanity where there was Want & Strife hence the birth of ISLAM or IS Lam ha, this eternal moment.

They were teachers who taught LOVE.
LOVE was their Religion.

Can you dream a dream while you are dreaming in a dream… well well, we all are always, right from the womb and the mother’s dreams, to youth and the father’s shoes & then for fulfilling the dreams of wife & children. I guess our religions are dreams that sell opium to the masses as rightly put by an elder brother from Russia.

There is a time to Play & there is a time to Pray. Life is the journey time in the middle where you play to fructify your prayer.

Matsya – Aura – Emotion: Water:endo-skeleton-fish.
Kurma – Dream- Instinct : Amphibian:exoskeleton-tortoise.
Varaha – Soul – Intuition : Land-horizontal spine-mammal.
Muladhara Chakra: Narasimha – Intelligence ~ Experiential potential – Tamas.
Svadhishthana Chakra: Vamana Mind ~ Constant activity – Rajas.
Manipura Chakra: Parashurama – Consciousness – Satva Brahman.
Anahata Chakra: Rama – Thought – Kshatriya.
Vishuddhi Chakra: Krishna – Word – Vaishnav.
Jainism: Mahavir : Body: Ego – Enterprise : Aura.
Buddhism: Gautam Siddharth: Imagination ~ Freedom : Dream.
Ajna Chakra: Christianity: Jesus: Spirit: Deed – Shudra : Soul.
Sahasrara Chakra: Islam: Mohammed – Karma : Collective consciousness ~ Prakriti.
Intellect: Sikhism: Guru Nanak – Dharma : Individual consciousness ~ Prithwe.
Program: AA – Kurukshetra or Survival : Awareness ~ Pure consciousness ~ Universe

divine child

 I am nothing but fractals created by neutrinos interacting with galactic sugar molecules forming DNA through GENES since nature abhors vacuum, doesn’t tolerate excess & permits only unique singular expressions life YOU.

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