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Meditation of the Threefold Flame by SANANDA

Meditation of the Threefold FLAME

Sit straight and relaxed, the open hands with palms up on your thighs and recite the holy syllable “OM”.

At this time let the “A” sound deep in your throat, the “U” form in your oral cavity, come through the lightly pursed lips and form the “M” between closed lips. Feel the vibration of this sound in your whole being.

A – U – M

Take a deep breath and relax. Let go with your breath all your restlessness and all burdens of your everyday life.

Perceive your soul star above your head. He is about 6 – 8 inches above your crown chakra. Perceive then beyond that a tube/column out of crystal clear light, that reaches downward out of your I AM PRESENCE, clearing all your higher chakras and enveloping you completely, while sitting on your chair.

And now speak loud:

I call on the power of the divine ray out of the source of the pure light of FATHER MOTHER GOD.

Perceive a beautiful ray of pure white light, that flows down through all your chakras, through your soul star directly into your crown chakra. Experience the power and energy, while your crown chakra starts to vibrate and expand.

Now breathe in this white light through your crown chakra and feel: it continues to flow from the presence of the Father through your higher chakras, through your soul star, through your crown chakra directly into your third eye chakra. Again experience the power, when your third eye chakra enfolds himself and starts to vibrate. Still breathe in the white light.

It flows from the presence of God through your soul star, through your activated crown chakra, through your activated third eye chakra into your throat chakra, that is now activated as well and starts to vibrate, now flows directly into your heart chakra.

Perceive the Trinity Flame in your heart, it is directly connected with God. It is the room within you, where your divinity resides. Take the time you need, and feel the place in your heart, where it is warm and centered. Then look at your Trinity Divine Flame of the heart. The middle flame is golden, the flame to the right is blue, the flame to the left pink red. Those flames represent all of what you really are. They are your God presence. They represent Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power.

Perceive this wonderful white light, that comes down and now directly flows into the Trinity Flame of your heart. The white light expands the golden flame of wisdom, and while this happens, you perceive how this flame fills your whole being.

Feel your inner wisdom, that comes directly out of the light of the ALL and ONE, and recognize, that you carry all the answers to all you questions within yourself.

The whole knowledge of all life, all being, is in yourself, when you allow yourself to feel so. Through the full expansion of the golden flame in your heart you will reach perfect wisdom, perfect knowledge, as your divine Father, your divine Mother wanted. Therefore breathe consciously the light from the source of the Unity into your flame of the heart.

Now feel the beam of white light, when it flows into the pink red flame of love. Ask therefore, to feel the unconditional, divine Love and to let it manifest in your life.

Expand this flame of love too. Let her grow and get bigger, until you feel the love of my heart, the love of Christ, which connects your heart with my heart. Experience, receive and know, that we are ONE. Feel into yourself and integrate this experience for the time of your incarnation in yourself. Know, beloved being, that our love is ONE. Walk with this unconditional love through your life and touch everybody and everything with the power of your Christ Presence.

Call your Christ Self by speaking:

I call my Christ Self

I call my Christ Self

I call my Christ Self

Please descent to me and integrate yourself in my life.

I call my Divine I AM

Please descent to me and integrate yourself daily more in my life.

I call my Soul

Please descent to me and integrate yourself within me.

Now open up complete and feel your Christ Self, your I AM and your Soul descent.

Extend your hand and receive from me your symbol of your Christ Self, when it unites with you. Take this gift that I present to you and feel sure in the certainty, that it now happened.

Visualize the beam of white light, that continues to flow into the blue flame of power in your heart within the Trinity Flame.

Feel, how the power of the Holy Spirit, of Father Mother God expands in yourself and accepts and confirms your Christ Self and seals you in your perfect essence of the ONE.

Be sure, you daily get more encouraged to be yourself in perfect unity with the Father, when you live and confirm your truth in the light of Father Mother God and master your everyday life in this attitude. When you live the unconditional love to yourself, that flows for you down from the Father through me in an endless stream, you confirm your way of light and you are prepared for the ascend.

Accept now, that you have the soul power and perfection of your might in your life, to seize your destination in her full power to walk your way in self acknowledgment, self love and self acceptance and till your perfect ascend, let it become the only reality.

Speak now:

I have the soul power and perfection of might in my life,

to seize my destination in her full power,

to walk my way in self acknowledgment, self love, and

self acceptance and till my perfect ascend let it become the only reality.

Now sense the perfect integration of love, wisdom and power in the Trinity Flame in your heart. Feel your heart expand and become wide and powerful.

Feel the Christ Consciousness merge with your lower bodies and know: There is no separation. There is no judgment. There is no assessment.

ALL IS ONE in the Unity of the ALL and ONE.

You and me, we are ONE. You and your brother, your sister everywhere in then universe, you are ONE. ALL IS ONE because ALL IS GOD.

And now confirm and acknowledge, that you are Christ. And then go and love each other, like I loved you.

Repeat loudly:

I AM the ascend and the infinite life

I AM the God Presence in my being

I AM the consciousness in Christ

I AM light


I am Sananda and bless you with the power of my unconditional love.


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