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Pranic Breathing

Look inter-dimensional and know, that human and earth awake, to get multidimensional.

Fill your being with love and spread this love to the whole planet.

You live through your breath. The breath connects you with the higher divine planes. It pulsates through your body, to provide you with all you need. It is your connection to ALL WHAT IS. You know, when you are tired, and you take a few deep breaths, you feel immediately a lot better.

When you take deep breaths after a particular hard lesson, you will feel stronger. Now take a few deep breaths. Draw this breath into your belly and fill your body with this breath, the energy of the SOURCE. You will feel immediately a lot changed, fuller, complete, or not ? Maybe there came with this breeze divine manna a little bit of peace in your heart ? Feel into your heart and sense a well being and attachment to the SOURCE.

Most of you will know pranic breathing. It is the breathing into the pranic tube/column, that is centered in the middle of your body ( perineum to the crown chakra ). This tube, that is in your ethereal body, in your ethereal duplicate resides, serves your chakras with divine energy. And this specific pranic breathing helps you, to fill you with divine light and to strengthen you. You draw with this help of your consciousness your breath from above and below into yourself, let it into your heart, in your heart chakra circulate for a while and send it in your whole body.

You can vary this, when you concentrate on your ether body, to strengthen him. This is known from old mystic traditions. You may also send this energy to certain parts of your body, where you have some problems, who may be are a little tired from the transformations, you experience in these great events, in this time now.

How would you like it, this power of your divine breath, this divine energy, to use and to help yourself and other humans, cities, countries too.

How would you like it, to send this divine energy to places or regions, who get just particular cleaned and cleared.

And regions, where are turbulences of war, to humans, who sense the rebellion of Mother Earth.

You ask, what you can do exactly ?

Breathe deep and powerful into your heart, and draw in the breath simultaneously from above and below. Accumulate this energy in your heart, and send it to a region that lies in your heart, where it is needed. Do this global, aim easy over a rough space with your consciousness. The energy will know what to do. It knows where and how it is needed. Have faith.

You can widen this exercise to the whole earth, to the inner of earth, and send it specific to single humans. Breath Light and Love and send it out.

That is your present to Earth and Mankind.



In the old times, where we had full consciousness, where we knew, ALL IS ONE, we breathed in through our crown chakra, and so the pranic breath flows through the pineal gland, and this has helped us to stay in unity.

But now we breathe through mouth and nose and so the pranic breath doesn´t flow through the pineal gland anymore and this holds us in the dual world.

When we now exercise the pranic breathing like written above, we will soon be conscious again of our divine being, because the pranic breath flows again through the pineal gland.

Thus we are faster in the UNITY OF ALL and have therefore overcome the duality.

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Comment by Eckart on January 15, 2012 at 7:29am

You are welcome Josephine :-)))

Love Light and Peace to you


Comment by Serene on January 15, 2012 at 7:16am

I also do it at dawn.  Peace, Love, Light to you.

Comment by Eckart on September 6, 2011 at 2:19pm
There are many different kinds of pranic brething. Every teacher has a different variety.
Comment by Eckart on September 5, 2011 at 3:27pm
Welcome dear Rosemary, I do this every day in the morning .

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