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The word is a string of sounds carried by our  feelings. 
As a result, what we feel is a whirlwind Vibrating that will lead us the word  to the right 
place where we want to achieve. 
When we talk about each of us expresses and represents the own spiritual portrait. Conversations, dialogues.

Through dialogue, we learn. 
Who condemns throws a stone back always to the point starting. Who teaches well and expressed 
love  we put in the hearts of others a love that will always come back to the place of origin. 
The arts are channels of expression derived from the Word. The sculpture is the word coagulated, the painting is the word color; the dance is the word in moving, the music is word in harmony,

but the word itself is the own life. 
When we complain of this or that, hopefully our emotions are pacified because they show a 
scream  Cholera often has the force of a bomb or a knife tearing the flesh. 
Whenever we can, and as we can Let us avoid comment on the bad because the word creates the 
image and the image attracts the influence that concerns him. 
You spoke, began. No matter what you say or do you always have the answer in the same amount. This is the Law  Universal Cause and Effect. 
Do not talk in the darkness for the darkness did not start walking by Your account. 
Blessed be our words when we speak putting us in the position of those who are missing or in 
their place we hear the voice. 
That our words are always to exalt love fraternal and to teach the next to express love, we 
all have hidden within us.


The music is the word in moving



Have a nice week and a beautiful Tuesday

Kiss from SOL


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