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SAINT SKETCH - SRI RAMAKRISHNA PARMAHAMSA- PART 3 - Courtesy - Namadwaar. - The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna -Thursday, December 27, 1883

Dear All,


At the age of six or seven Gadadhar was walking along the narrow ridges of the fields when he had his first experience of samadhi. The sky was filled with dark rain bearing clouds. Just then a flock of cranes, white as milk, flew across. The beauty of the white cranes against the dark clouds filled his heart with such joy that he plunged into samadhi.


His father's death in 1843 when he was only seven years old made him more indrawn. He mingled with the Sadhus who visited the village and learnt hymns from them. When he turned nine years he was invested with the sacred thread. Gathering his friends he would enact the various scenes from the Epics. Once during the Shivaratri he enacted the role of Lord Siva and lost outer consciousness.


Nothing could persuade young Gadadhar to undertake bread winning education. During his childhood he had seen the hidden India through the lives of the many holy men he came across. The seed of renunciation had been sown even at that early stage of life. From these Holy men he learnt the only purpose of life -- to realise God.


Divine will led him to Dakshineswar where, after the death of his brother Ramkumar, he began to officiate as Priest in the Kali Temple established by Rani Rasmani. Rani Rasamani and one of her sons-in-law Mathur Babu were deeply devoted to the young Gadadhar. It is learnt from Ramlal, a nephew of Sri Ramakrishna, that the name Ramakrishna was given to him by Mathur Babu. Dakshnineswar became the stage for the innumerable divine plays of the Lord incarnated as Sri Ramakrishna. It was here that Sri Ramakrishna passed through the God-intoxicated state whence unable to perform the ritual worship in the Temple he handed over the charge to his nephew Hriday.


Hriday has played a very important role in the life of Sri Ramakrishna as he was witness to the many spiritual experiences of Sri Ramakrishna which later helped his disciples to draw up his biography.


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