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SAINT SKETCH - SRI RAMAKRISHNA PARMAHAMSA- PART 4 - Courtesy - Namadwaar. - The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna -Thursday, December 27, 1883

Dear All,

In 1859 he returned to Kamarpukur where his mother chose Sarada Mukhopadhyay, a little girl of five from the village of Jayarambati, as his bride. Soon after Sri Ramakrishna returned to Dakshineswar where he was once again drowned in high spiritual experiences. Sri Ramakrishna has described this period of deep spiritual experiences. He said that he felt as if caught in the midst of a whirlwind. Everything appeared to him full of Consciousness. Even a prostitute on the street reminded him of the Mother. He shared his food with dogs. His hair was matted where birds would perch and peck at the rice which were thrown on the head during the worship. Snakes would crawl over his motionless body. He had no sleep for six long years and his eyes had lost the power of winking! His eyelids would not close! Sri Ramakrishna said that no ordinary man could have withstood even an iota of the fervour that he underwent during this period. Mother appeared to him and comforted him.

In 1861 Bhairavi Brahmani arrived at Dakshineswar and initiated Sri Ramakrishna into the Tantric disciplines. He practiced sixty-four methods of Tantra and attained perfection through all of them. He practiced the vairous Feelings of devotion. Later he practised Vedanta under the guidance of Totapuri, a Vedanta monk. Totapuri was stunned to find Sri Ramakrishna attain the goal in just three days, which he himself had attained through years of struggle.


Sri Ramakrishna practiced the spiritual disciplines of Islam, Christianity and found that they all led to the same realisation. After realising God through various religions and also through the various sects in the Sanatana Dharma Sri Ramakrishna declared, "As many faiths, so many paths."Sri Ramakrishna never condemned anyone's faith.


Later Swami Vivekananda would recall this trait of his Master and weep for having spoken harshly to the western audience.


Sri Ramakrishna visited Kamarpukur where his wife Sarada Devi joined him and enjoyed the bliss of his Holy association. He then returned to Dakshineswar.


In 1872 Sarada Devi, eighteen years old, joined him at Dakshineswar. She had been perturbed by the rumours of his insanity and desired to help him as would a devoted wife. But to her joy and relief she found that all that she had heard were mere rumours and had no iota of truth in them. Sri Ramakrishna taught her everything -- household duties to high spiritual practices. He taught her how to judge people's character, to move with various kinds of people, etc. Though Sri Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi lived together at Dakshineswar their minds soared high above the worldly plane. It was during this period that Sri Ramakrishna performed Shorasi puja whence he worshipped Mother Kali in the person of Sarada Devi. 

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