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speak to me poem . . . poetic


to live is poetic

to breathe is poetic

the verse i hear is poetic

my tears are poetic

they flow poetically

therefore they are flowetically mine

and i poetically give them to the world


my thoughts are poetic

my dreams are poetic

and the Stars in the night sky

you guessed it

they are poetic

they twinkle each night

upon the poetic earth

who spins poetically

and revolves around the Sun

yep . . .poetically

all things in life work together poetically


the Flowers are poetic

and the Tress are poetic

as are the weeds, they are poetic too

the birds sing of the poetic

and the honey the bees collect is poetic

the streams that feed the rivers are poetic

and the river runs poetically

the Oceans are poetic

and it’s inhabitants are poetic


the rains are poetic

they kiss the Mountains poetically

and the cycle is quite poetic


the crops are poetic

the seasons dance poetically

the spring lives poetically as well

and the harvest is sweetly poetic

the winter sleep is poetic

the play in June is poetic

and the muses tune is poetic

and the call of the Loon is poetic


my intent for goodness is poetic

all i want to be is poetic

my happiness is found in the poetic

attitudes i choose


i see you as poetic

anguish though dark

is poetic

the children are poetic

their births are poetic

time is poetic

death is poetic

knowledge is poetic

your whispers are poetic

letters that make words are poetic

and they have meanings

that are poetic

and give birth to thoughts

that are poetic


my heart is poetic

and it’s beating is poetic

my breath is poetic

as my smile is poetic

for me all things are poetic

yesterday is still poetic

the memory is poetic

right here is poetic

we are poetically made

by a poetic hand

for the thought of creation is poetic

therefore all is poetic


speak to me poem



© 15 March 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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Comment by Bill on March 17, 2011 at 7:53am

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