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TEACHERS & TEACHINGS: Reflections on the 1st Day of August, 201

Here we are. Being here we are bound to unfold our lives within a shared context of our species-wide most significant and challenging dilemma—a truly unprecedented Earth condition—making choices ever between the dynamics of activism and the processes of reconnection which bring with them the processes of disconnect into voluntary simplicity and experiential wealth. An activism that is genuinely sacred activism, as Andrew Harvey teaches, reconnecting work by way of acts of beauty, which are doing what instinctively and intuitively it is right to do, as Joanna Macy teaches—living reconnections that may guide us creatively into explorations of possibilities and potentials toward a healing renaissance, an awakening re-genesis, such as Jean Houston has dedicated her life to seeking out and sharing—and the simultaneous disconnects required to guiltlessly subvert shallowness, free focus, energy and inner and interpersonal resourcefulness, let us say even soulfulness, for the deep rooting and direction changing furtherance of a life affirming alternative, if not indeed immersion in a plurality of alternatives within a unified filed of healing commensality (not discrimination), cooperation (not aggression) and trust (not rampant exploitation and betrayal).

I think and feel in the midst of this which I am bound and blended into and fully a part of, even being an organic intimacy-integral, that this is no longer time for introspection and self love alone—there are many among us who have become and are becoming evolutionary avatars—but now begins the serious outreach of love to otherness, human and other than human, to that and those I would call the vibrant, vital content of the cosmic-and-terrestrial-transhman, and that the grandparent voice of the need of our time and place is calling for us to respond, spontaneously as well as with rehearsed deliberation as a trillion micro-offerings of what it can be to live with courage and humility, with passion and pathos, while equally balancing into honoring respect, the grounding, seductive words of poet Robinson Jeffers, inviting “to fall in love outwardly.”

Perhaps—for it is always best to conclude the assertion of statements as if they were physical properties with some opening of a yet to be embodied question—perhaps then in this intergenerational love affair with creation we might find from our depth and through the in-between of hallowing labor, the poetry of a second naivety, even as we are crossing over this perilous threshold into the presently emergent ecozoic timeframe—from a term coined by the late eco-theologian Thomas Berry to identify the era of human responsibility, countering the extravagance of destructive human invasion, through a maturing adaption of the artistry of love and freedom—a liberating movement toward a cornucopia of gifts—should we dare to name them the plenum of our holy giving—from mythic images and archetypal narratives to new paradigms of cosmology and gardening, from kumbaya of indigo children to the hallelujah of biotic democracy?

Although the world clock is certainly ticking, and those who continue to sleep may pass from the red fog of war into the sleep of oblivion with scarce a shudder, there is perhaps the “and yet” of the earth-human adventure and the impossible being found possible within and between us, as a grand sentient uprising for betterment before the visionary practicality of our living eyes? Perhaps this too is so—if we are good at sowing and steadfast in patient application, cultivating toward harvesting in the necessity of discovery and the making of what is waste wholesome and what broken and trembling, at long last, sustainable and whole?

David Sparenberg

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Comment by Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX on August 5, 2011 at 10:16am

Dear David,

I really appreciate the way you use words (even if English isn't my mother tongue) to invite us to look deeper inside of us to act with more conciouness.

You say with depth and precise words what I summarize  when I say "Love, what else ?" and you invite us to look precisely to somme very important subjets. Thanks +++

Love and Peace for all Beings

Comment by Stephen Quinto on August 4, 2011 at 8:53pm
David, you've really got it.... I have quite enjoyed taking your 'trips' through the underbrush of the emerging world - yes, it's truly the mother of all love affair. We are focusing on the full sense of such sentiment order that we force out every vestige of the aggression 'virus' so it cannot, will not be brought int the pristine world we must establish.  Yes, they will sleep through it, never waking again. Let us hope their pain is brief indeed.... Love. Namaste.
Comment by janice wilson on August 4, 2011 at 4:45pm

cool <3

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