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The house of a rich man is set on fire. His children are playing inside the house, so focused on their games that they dont see the danger. The man thinks about different

ways for saving his children like taking them by force, or directly explaining to them

the danger. However, these solutions are doomed to fail because of various physical

limitations and the children's blindness to the danger.Then, the man thinks: "I must now

invent some skilful means* that will make it possible for the children to escape the harm".

Being aware of his children's passions, he tells them of the wonderful toys that are

waiting for them outside the house a goat-cart, adeer-cart, and an ox-cart. When the

children are out and safe he gives each of them a fantastically decorated carriage

pulled by white oxen even better then what he had promised!

"The world is like a burning house. People are trapped inside, unaware of the flames

of petty, worldly desires that threaten to destroy them. I (Buddha) am like the father

who spoke to his children in a way that they understood, to lead them to safety. And

so I speak to you, to show you the path to enlightenment."


Do not dwell on the past,

Do not dwell in the future,

Concentrate the mind on the present moment.

...... Buddha


Slow down

Pay attention

Question everything

Start now.


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Comment by Eva Libre on May 30, 2010 at 5:02pm
Bless you for being with us.

Quote of the moment:


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