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The Call of the Spirit

Who at some time has not paused to ask: ‘What’s it all about?’ We live in a transitory world, which to a child can appear as a permanent structure – only for pieces to gradually disappear as the body ages and the dream begins to fade. The contradiction of life is that we are born to die and, in between, struggle to make sense of why it all happens in the first place.

The spiritual process is a deeply personal experience which confronts the core beliefs and attitudes of the man and woman in the light of a radical shift of consciousness. There are examples throughout history of rare individuals who have been inspired to make the supreme sacrifice to find the inner truth, and to then report back their findings to the people. What all of the great masters and mystics have in common is that, at the beginning of their spiritual journey, each responded in their own way to the call of the spirit. And it’s the same in the lives of ordinary people when something happens to irrevocably change the direction of the life.

Self-discovery is a tremendous adventure and the ultimate journey of a lifetime. On the way, many of the most treasured notions and concepts will, through necessity, have to be discarded. All that’s required is the good sense to perceive what’s true in one’s own living experience. And most of all, to suspend the disbelieving mind which would protest at the impossibility of such profound knowledge beyond its comprehension, unaware all is already known within the being behind the form.

Minute changes happen every moment in the living process. But the trigger for spiritual awakening is when a specific segment of past living experience catches up with the present. At this stage an individual’s life has reached a point when it no longer delivers the same degree of enjoyment as before, and there’s now the need for something more real. A thirst for spiritual knowledge develops, with a keen receptivity to truth wherever it can be heard. There can be periods of great elation to have found some purpose to the life which transcends the normal living experience.

However, this is only the beginning. As the inner process begins to awaken the individual to the hitherto unknown spiritual dimension of life, the external circumstances begin to change to mirror the shift in consciousness behind the form. Although there can be a sense of travelling into the unknown, and perhaps a little trepidation, there’s the support of a new inner power. This is the light of the spiritual being which, even though operating below its full potential, is sufficiently radiant to take the man or woman into the next phase of life.

Extract from e-book: 'The Call of the Spirit' available from Amazon Kindle.

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