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The Broken Heart

People suffer the heartbreak of parting from their loved ones because their love is personal. Although everyone has a knowledge that such love is transient in the vast cyclic movement of life and death, this fact of existence is generally ignored. And this is the basis of all attachment, which creates a fear of letting go when it’s time. The catalyst in every case to a deeper realisation of love is emotional pain and the detachment from the personal element in love.

The greater the love of anyone or anything, the more intense the suffering. But within this apparent paradox is love’s solution and release from the restrictions and tyranny of personal love. Love’s solution is to break the heart of every lover who ever dared to love. This can happen as a result of a particular event or as a more gradual process over time. The heartache that usually follows a break-up is love’s way of dismantling the ignorance and concepts gathered in the experience of personal love. But it takes a swift perception, particularly when going through a hard time, to appreciate this. The pain is the only way, initially, to make the lover more conscious of love’s impersonal purpose – and, eventually, to return to the source of love itself.

The power of attraction which mysteriously draws lovers together contains, energetically, the circumstances that will test them all the way. Man is extremely inconsistent in his demonstration of love. He’s often shocked and bewildered when his partner leaves him, and realises in his pain and suffering that he did in fact love her – but it’s usually too late. Woman has her heart broken continually, and all too often goes on to repeat the experience with a different partner. It’s not love that breaks the heart; it’s the attachments which form emotional blockages within the psyche and are already present within potential lovers when they meet for the first time.

Around the region of the heart is an emotional band consisting of all the negative experiences in love. This can sometimes be registered as a dull ache, which makes someone feel disconnected from their wellbeing. In extremes, the effect of this calloused pain makes an individual cut off from love altogether. To permanently remove the psychic dam that blocks the stream of pure love from within, the pain has to be valiantly borne – but, if possible, without ruminating on what’s happened as this will perpetuate the agony. Although feelings may linger in the transitional period that follows, it’s the knowledge of love’s purpose which takes an individual beyond the personal attachments into the impersonal realm of love.

When the attachment or longing for what was once experienced in the past is surrendered, the sense of freedom that follows is unmistakeable. The tears and heartache, which were necessary to cleanse the surface level of emotional pain from the sensory awareness, have now exposed a fresh terrain on the inner landscape. This is the future life which will continue to test the resolve of the individual; and if they are willing, attract the right partner and circumstances to enter more deeply the mystery of love’s domain.

Extract from e-book: 'Making Love Real' available from Amazon Kindle.

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