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The Calm


This Morning i looked to the Mountains and became a part of their eternal serenity. The Cloud and mist clung to their peaks. I got the ominous feeling that this was a glimpse of the Calm before the Storm. Change approaches. I believe there will be some sort of Cataclysmic Conclusion to the Evolution of Age we now inhabit. Whether by Natural Disaster, Prompted Disasters or by some Mindless Indifferent Button Pusher who has an agenda that does not serve the whole of Humanity, it appears that we are on our way.


In recent times, we have seen the fulfilling of the Prophecies of the Ancients, Whether it is Abrahamic, Hopi or Science, does not matter much. We are also witnessing a quickening of our sense of time. Many Souls these days feel compelled to seek Understanding, Attunement and Light. This all is not by coincidence. Time’s previous values are being altered daily . . .within and without . . . along with the values of all the things we once held so dearly. We are now in an age where such things we took for granted like Food and Shelter, are now dire considerations and concerns  for many of us. Who thought 50 years ago we would see a world where Water was such a common Shelf Product in our Supermarkets and Gas Stations? I am not here to offer any type of condemning tone, but one of Hope.


Within us, there is a Seed of something greater. I like most of us am seeking to activate that Seed that it may Blossom into perhaps my greater self . . .  that Star Seed. As i said before, many of us feel this same itch or calling within to seek our potential as far as our Humanity is concerned. As we are now in the midst of this change that is evolving towards the “New Age” it is very integral for us to live in Truth and leave the baggage certain interests would have us hold on to. The most important thing we have is our ability to embrace each other in “One” congruous movement. This is spawned only by one thing . . .  survival and our “Love” for Life. We must reach out and embrace our Brothers and Sister and allow the False Barriers constructed in the illusion to go . . . yes, let them go. In the end, there is no significant difference between Black and White, Brown, Yellow or Red. Nor does this difference have any redeeming value betwixt Male and Female, Rich and Poor, Afghan or English, Libyan or American nor whatever your Political Persuasion may be. They are all a part of the illusory landscape of things that allow certain Powers to “Divide and Conquer”. In the end and in truth, it is we who have the ultimate Power, and that is simply our Capacity to Love . . . our Compassion for Life.

Remember . . .  we all breath the same Air, are warmed by the same Sun . . .and inhabit the same Planet.


In the coming Days, Months or times, again i beseech us all to Focus and Resonate on What and Who we are, for when it get’s right down to it, there will come the time when we will need each other’s love regardless previous demographics . . .  if we are to survive.






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