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The Inanity of Intelligence

Human intellect is surely remarkable. Every now and then we see its trenchant
potentials in resolving complicated issues, deciphering the challenging
riddles; its reach expands from the atoms and subtler particles to the
limitless cosmos; it has analyzed and studied the biological diversity ranging
from ameba to dinosaurs.

But it is surprising, it never attempts self-analysis; never tries to research
why he has been bestowed this marvelous brain and body? What is the purpose of
his life? What is the best use of his life?

This intelligent being holds excessive information about enormous things, of
the whole world. He attains erudite degrees, scholarships and expertise of many
disciplines. But, he has no answer to the most intimate queries about himself.
Who is he? What is his origin? Why has he come here? What are his duties? He
lives in an illusory state like a deer, which frantically hunts for the source
of the musk-aroma that lies in its own navel. Man also keeps running behind the
mirage of peace and joy in the outer world all his life but gets nothing in the
end except fatigue, failure and despair.

There is an interesting story illustrating this irony. Ten flaunting prattlers from a village once went to see a fair in another village across a small river. They all crossed the river together. Upon
reaching the other bank, they thought of recounting whether all of them have
reached safely. One of them counted and found only nine present, another one
rechecked and again found one of them missing; this way each one of them did
count the number present as nine – missing him self in counting. In great panic
they all sat there, crying about what will happen now, how would they go back
without the ‘missing’ friend? After sometime, a wise man happened to pass from
there. He listened to their worries and laughed at their folly.

To convince the chaps of their ‘Presence’ he made them stand in a row and thrashed a slap on their faces one after the other with loud counting – one, two….,
successively. The fellows took a sigh of relief after the tenth slap. We the
‘intelligent fools’ are also like these comical chaps.

We keep gathering information about every other thing, know everyone around
except our own self. Even in this ‘lost’ state we live under the false
impression of being learned and wise and boast about our knowledge!


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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