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My advice for achieving true success in
life is, do not worry about achieving apparent success and avoiding apparent
failure. Worry is an expression of fear, which anticipates and attracts bad
results. Worry is an attempt to control situations, which only backfires and
makes matters worse, because life is a flow of energy that cannot really be
controlled, and it flows best when we flow with it, and do not move against it.
We are staying in harmony with the flow of life, or being, when we just try to
do the best that we can with the task at hand, and then leaving the apparent outcome,
or results, up to life, God, Spirit, or a Higher Power. Worry often produces
loss of sleep, tiredness, and tension. That tension, or lack of relaxation,
will lessen one’s ability to be open to new insights and intuitions that can
help one to be more successful in any kind of endeavor. Worry reflects an
expectation of failure, which makes it more likely to occur, whereas when there
is no worry, then there is no fear, no tension, and, therefore, no blockage of
spiritual energy and intuitive insights flowing into oneself, enabling one to be
more successful in any task that one is doing. Performing one’s efforts with
strain and struggle is an oppositional process that wastes productive energy
and blocks the flow of productive new opportunities, insights, and harmonious
energies that could otherwise lead to success. As has been suggested by other
bloggers and inspirational/transformational public speakers, we should view
ourselves as having already accomplished whatever goals we are trying to
achieve, like viewing a golf ball as having already arrived in the golf hole
(already reached the target, already at the goal) even before we launch the
golf ball with the golf stick. The expectation of success makes it more likely
to happen, whereas the expectation of failure also makes it more likely to
happen. However, we should not try to control the outcome of our work, because
sometimes what seems like failure is actually a productive success, and
sometimes what seems like a big success is actually a failure, by moving us
further in the wrong direction, away from our true destiny and best interests.
What that means is, sometimes God/life does not let us achieve our intended goals
because it may need to move us in a different direction, to accomplish
something else that is much better and really necessary for our continued
development and well being, but which might be impeded if we were able to achieve
our own current goals. God, or Life, has a Greater Wisdom that is sometimes far
beyond our own presumptive views of what success and failure involve. That is
what is meant by the wise old adage, “Man makes plans, but God (or Life)
has His own (plans).”

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Comment by Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX on July 15, 2012 at 9:31am

We often forget Life is our master...

Love and Peace for you and all Beings

Comment by Kerrin Charles Muir on July 14, 2012 at 10:26pm

"Life is what happens to us when we are making other plans. "  Paul Mc Carteny.     Such wisdom in one so young at the time.    Well said Barry.       

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