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The Poem of Life


yes, i am a Poet

not just any kind of Poet

dropping lines

for the overfilled minds


me, i am looking for empty spaces

looking for room

that i may fill it up

and get your cup to overflow

with thoughts

you know

with possibilities

to grow


while others are arranging syllables

i am reading

while you are eating the fruit of my mind

keep mind

that i am seeding

the gardens of your thoughts

with the seeds of hunger

so you would want more

and perhaps you will open that door

to the closet of your inhibitions

and indoctrinations

and watch all the illusions and delusions

of your beliefs

pour into the toilets of your wasted thoughts,

for i am flushing your false dreams and visions

with my surgical precision

into the sewer

leaving you thirsty for more


drink my child drink

let the Elixir of truth

be your passion

come to know thy self

and stop bashin’

your head up against the wall

and cash in

your coupons for a reality

of the past and

the present

for you are the present

so be present

be here

be now

and listen to the whisperings

of your soul

asking you to open and receive

and believe

that you are so much, much more

than what you have been told

yet you have sold out

your beautiful Soul

to the Bold Face Lies

that’s what Gammy called it

i call it Bull Shit

and i must admit

they did a good job

when we were robbed

of our free will

so they thought

but though our will is still yet free

our choices have been selectively limited

by way of elective propaganda

and some false belief

that if we were read our Miranda

that we will get a fair chance


what kind of chance  . . huh ?

a bigger cell with a window

you know

it is still a prison

but listen

can you her me

yet ?

feel me

come near me

and feel my heart

as it speaks to you

as these lines are trying to do


i may not be much of a wordsmith

as i attempt to convey my purpose

perhaps i am but a “Blacksmith”

or maybe i am no smith at all

but, me, i must answer this call

and scream if i must

for i have been entrusted

as a poet

and you know it

to forge the tools of your liberation

and between the lines of this verses deliberations

we must awaken my people

we must be circumspect

and become suspect

of what we have been taught

what our minds have bought . .


no disrespect intended

as we are now being amended

to the right of way

in the light of day


we are not in darkness

look, see your light

it shines brightly bright

for you are the Sun

the Sons and the Daughters

of the Source

of course

that which orders

the removal of your borders

and the purpose of all things

and that purpose is you

and somehow

i know you knew

that with creation

you exponentially rhymed

in time

for you are divine

and though you may not be a Poet . . .

You are the Poem

 . . . of Life



(c) 20 December 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.


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